Thursday, August 11, 2011

i have...

writers block.

or maybe right now my life is just boring and i have nothing to tell you.

either way, here's some pictures and rambles from yours truely.

my nails. i stopped by my mommys on my way home from work and found this adorable purple shade on her counter. so we chatted and i painted. my moms such a trend setter.
{not sure why my hand indicates that i weight 500 lbs}

sonny and i are starting a diet. how long do you diet for? i mean, once we're at the desirable weight and look do we just go back to eating the good food? like this:

i'm seriously ready for cooler weather. i go up to ohio in september but sadly is wont be cool enough there either. i want to wear this outfit and not be sweating:

{which i totally have now, expect cute blue stripped shoes}

speaking of the motherland...i need this pillow.

{i miss amish people}

i think i'm just really putting off working out right now. which ladies...biggest loser work out dvds are heaven sent. seriously God told me ;) bob and jillian micheals kick my butt. and i willingly let them because i know in 6 sweets i'll be rip...or just happy with the way i look.

okey dokey then.
ladies i'm off. have a wonderful night!

all photos via my pinterest


Emily said...


oh my goodness, I am in LOVE with that polish color. I wish we lived right up the road so I could come steal it!!! :)

ALSO, what on earth type of food is in that picture!? It looks uh, DELISH! I want it in my tummy.

Jessica said...

Thank you so much for your encouraging comment on my blog! I really appreciate it!

I love that nail polish colour! So pretty. :)

Holly said...

Where in Ohio are you coming in September?! I'm in the Cleveland area, so if you're around it would be lovely to meet a blogger for coffee sometime :) And sometimes it *is* cool enough to wear that (like the past few days) but not always...maybe, though!

Great polish color, too!

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