Tuesday, August 9, 2011

meet Belen

hi friends!

i have been patiently waiting for this picture to come in the mail.

adorable right?

her name is belen and she's five years old and lives on the plains of Luciana, in peru. have any of you been to peru? i've already been praying that God will open a door at some point for me and sonny to go visit her.

a couple of weeks ago, i joined up with melanie at only a breath to be a part of hearts against hunger (the button on the side of the blog). if you hop over here to my other blog, i wrote a post about it all.

whoever is kind to the needy honors God. proverbs 14:31

anyways, so part of it was to consider sponsoring a child through compassion. i found it odd that this compassion thing kept popping up in my face, since we got married i've wanted to do it. i have done the sponsoring thing before with a different organization, and to be honest wasn't impressed. as terrible as this sounds...i almost felt like the money was just coming out of my bank account (when i really didn't have it in there to begin with i was so broke), i never received a letter from my sponsor, even though i sent her plenty...and it just got to a point where financially i couldn't keep going, and my heart felt a little broken.

it's not that i was expecting a letter every week...considering that's physically impossible unless it flew here on its own. but i did expect there to be more of a connection. i'd receive things in the mail from this organization, but never about my sponsor. again, the heart was hurting.

i've had multiple people i know sponsor through compassion and have had nothing but amazing things to say.

so i'm taking that leap one more time.

and i'm already jumping for joy.

the packet i got in the mail wasn't just about where belen lived in general, but specifically about her. it's got her favorite things in there, along with a little information about her family. oh and her adorable picture on just about every page. i felt that i mattered to her already.

i am in so much awe of God right now.

sonny and i have been praying for her daily, and that little smile is hanging on my fridge for me to see every morning.

i am praying that God will use me to help belen find Him, and also for her family. i'm praying that He'll provide a way for me to be able to meet her at some point. i'm praying that i'll be able to surround her and her family with the love of God like never before. i'm praying that my little financial support will help change her world.

i am so beyond blessed to have this little cutie pie in my life. and i'm praying that it's something you'll consider.

have a blessed day!


Holly said...

I really want to sponsor a child someday, I'd love to hear more about your experience with Compassion and how this is all going for you!! What a sweet little girl :)

Christina said...

I studied abroad in Peru in 2008 and it is an AMAZING country. What a great organization to sponsor a child through. It is really inspiring and I can't wait to hear more about it.

Laura Darling said...

This is awesome! My family sponsors a little boy in Costa Rica!

Ashley Slater said...

good for you for sponsoring! My parents sponsor a child as well and it is such a blessing to them. Love it, cute blog too! :)

Simple Life Journey said...

So precious. It is so special to have the opportunity to help someone.

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