Wednesday, May 4, 2011

When I leave

I'm tired, and my feet hurt.
But I've been working.
Because God is awesome, and truly rewards those who give it all up to Him. Once I gave up all my frustrations to Him about my job, my attitude (and hours for that matter) did a 180.
But I'm tired and my feet hurt...but I'm really thankful for my job :)

I didn't get a chance yesterday to put up a post...but I was lucky enough to be a guest blogger over at The Soul Anchor! Scout is doing "Tuesdays are for Lovers" and let me blog about my honey and I's relationship! It's worth your time going to see her adorable blog, and you can read my post too I guess :)

Day 26. What do you hope your grandchildren will say about you someday when you're gone?

First off I have to tell you that the question kinda freaks me out. It only does so because I've been having those "holy crap I'm an adult now" moments quite often lately...and this just adds to it.
Second the question makes me think of the song When I leave by JJ Heller. If you've never heard it, click here.

And third, I don't know what to say.
I do know that if my grand kids say half the things about me as I do for my grandpa...I did a pretty good job.
I think if I get to teach them half the things he taught me, I did a pretty good job.
I think if I play cards with them on lazy summer afternoons, I did a pretty good job.
I think if I teach the how important American History is, I did a pretty good job.
I think if I teach them that family is the only thing that matters, I did a pretty good job.
I think if eat bologna sandwiches with them, I did a pretty good job.
I think if I give them giant hugs every time I see them, I did a pretty good job.
I think if I always enjoy life, and tell them how much I love them, I did a pretty good job.

Ladies, my granpa (since I was little the D got dropped) was the best. He taught me everything from how to shoot a rifle to every war in WWII (what happened, who was involved). I called him my human encyclopedia. He knew everything. He was tough as nails, but have the most wonderful hug in the world.

I lost my superman in October of 2008. Even witting that, I still can't believe it's been that long.
I lost a lot of tears leading up to the wedding because he wasn't going to be fact they might still be flowing now. I was blessed enough to have him see me graduate high school. Next to my mom and dad he was always my biggest cheerleader, always telling me how proud he was of me. I always joked with him that I was his favorite grandchild, he never corrected me, just gave that handsome smile back at me.

I miss him more than you could ever imagine, but I have nothing but the most wonderful memories ever possible of him.

So this is how I want my grand kids to remember me.

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Sydney said...

Awwww thats so sweet, Meg! Wonderful tribute to your granpa. He sounds amazing. I think that's the perfect way to describe how your grandchildren should remember you.

Oh, and of course I read your guest post, and it's awesome! But everything you right always is (adorable pictures too!).

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