Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mommys Day

happy mothers day to the worlds best mom.

and to this wonderful mommy too!

breathe 365.

Day 27. Write a blog to encourage someone and build their confidence!

Dear Amanda,
Today I got to watch you be celebrated as a mom. We no longer get to just focus on our mom, but now you get to join her club :)
I can't tell you how awesome it's been being able to watch you become the amazing mother you are. I would have never guessed 5 years ago that before you turned the big 3 0, you'd be married and a mother (to the worlds cutest baby). You have so much to be proud of.
You're not just a sister to me Manda, but someone I can truly look up to as an example. How to be a great sister, a wonderful mother, and an even better friend. I don't know how you do all that you do.
You're there when I need you to listen, give me the advice I need (even if I don't want to hear it), make me laugh when I need too, and all the while juggling Reaggy in your're turning into a super mom :) I hope you know what an amazing mom you are. She can't tell you yet, but we all know she thinks you're the best. When she giggles back at you, or gives you that toothy grin she's telling you she loves you.
It's been the biggest blessing watching you two these last couple of months, and I can't wait for what God has in the future.
Amanda: you're a mommy, and really great one too. God has so much planned for you, and this is just the beginning of all the blessings He's about to pour out on you. Thanks for being not only my sister, but my best friend.
You're continually giving me examples of what a great mother looks like, and a wonderful wife as well.

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