Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Strengths & Weaknesses

I'm a pretty happy person. I'm human so I have my days, but for the most part, my glasses are always half full.
I'm a really great friend. I'm a great listener, and pretty good at giving advice.
I have a strong foundation in the Lord, who has Saved me from the pit of hell.
I love to make people laugh.
I'm confident; I go for what I want, and God willing, I get it.
I love to lift people up and tell them how truly great they are.

I worry too much.
I get jealous of people to often.
I'm a sinner.
I sometimes bite off more than I can chew.
I have a temper.
I have to remind myself that what I have is mine, for a reason.
I'm too competative sometimes.

Ladies, here's the deal. Gods is so mighty and I'm just here for the ride. All these strengths come from Him, and all my weaknesses are His too, I just have to give them to Him. Any one else that way?
Sure I'm human, so I'm not ever going to be perfect, but with Him, I can be what He created me to be.

He wants to take our weaknesses and make them His strengths.
Its difficult to sit and make that list, I have to be honest. Does anyone really want to point out what their down falls are? No...not just cause we're human, but because we're women.
But admitting is the first step to getting better I hear :)

I'm hoping your week is going well! A bit bumpy over here, but still good. The weekend is coming...which means THE ROYAL WEDDING! (post on that soon), mom & dad over for dinner, and the last Space Shuttle Launch...EVER. so sad here on the Space Coast, so be prepared for pictures galore from it.

thinking about you beautiful!

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The Soul Anchor said...

This is a GREAT post. Just on Sunday I was talking to my Vince about whether or not God will use our weaknesses to deliver us from them. It's an interesting thing to think about! thanks for sharing. :-D It's a wonderful reminder.

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