Tuesday, April 26, 2011

tell me what you want, what you really really want

Hi loves! I hope you all had a blessed Easter weekend! There was so much praise to be given to our Risen Savior!

Lent is over, which meant I got to get back on Facebook...have to admit it, I didn't miss it that much. Plus I came back to twenty something videos from my girlfriends and sisters. Apparently they thought it would be funny to post videos that we watched as kids on it...ok, it really was funny.

Because how do you not smile and think about 5th grade with videos like this:

(and see how many words you remember!)

Day 22. What are some needs that need to be met in your community?

Where does one even begin?
There's people standing on the street corner asking for change.
There are children with no parents left at shelters.
There are homeless people spending the night on the streets.
There are people who don't know Christ.

Sometimes I get upset with myself that I don't do more. Sure I give out spare change and pray for them, but I need to do more. We all do.
Jesus told us to go and make disciples of all the nations (Matthew 28:19), He didn't mean that we had to leave our communities either. He meant all nations, all people.

So where do we start?
I'm prayerfully going to consider this question for the next couple of weeks, until I hear an answer from the Lord...will you join me?

Heavenly Father we pray to You right now that You'll use us. Let us be the hands and feet for our own communities in the way You wish. Let us bring Your message to those in need. Lord I pray you use us for Your will. Open our eyes and hearts to the constant need in our world for Your love. Father, our lives are Yours.

I'm overwhelmed by His grace and mercy daily.

I'm hoping your Monday is going well! And, I've reached 25 new friends! Which means: a give away!! Not sure yet what it will be, but you'll be informed! Thanks for being awesome :)

Melinda and I got up and watched the sun rise this morning. There is nothing more breath taking, or makes you wish you could just give God a huge hug. I'm captivated by His beauty.


The Soul Anchor said...

I love that you have a burden for your community. It's so important to love those right in your midst. That was a long, hard lesson I had to learn and I'm still relearning it daily...

Emily said...

Youre amazing, Megan! wonderful post. Love the Wannabe song. Totally have that still on my Ipod and yes I jam out to it on any given day. You go girl!! Happy late Easter :) Hope yall had a blessed one!!

katie said...

Your welcome for stuffing your lonely FB page with 10 videos :) My personal favorite was the Disney Channel stars of the past :) I love you and you are such an inspiring, thoughtful, beautiful person and I am beyond dumbfounded that you let me call you my best friend. Also thank god for spell check or I would have misspelled dumbfounded and looked like a total idiot :)

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