Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hello Easter Tree

my first holiday decorations!

and thats about it around the house...I've really out done myself ;)
I found the little tree in Pier 1 a while ago and had to have it. But I have been on a mad hunt for those little ornament...and today I finally found some at Micheals!
My mom has one too, and it always reminds me of when we were kids for some reason. It's weird now though, that I have my own house.
Thanks mom for all the great decoration inspiration.

this is why my hubby is the best:
no reason. other than it was a Wednesday night and he wanted to bring me home daisys.
breathe. 365.

Do you ever have those days where it just seem to pass you by? Today was like that for me, I just went from one place to the next to the next. But got to fit in a mani and pedi in between. So life isn't all that bad for me today :)

Day 14: Style 31. Post an outfit pic!

(I hope you can see my Bubble Gum pink nail polish)
I love tshirts and jeans. Love them. Not old crudy tshirt, but I choose comfort over 'style' anyday.
Tshirt: Victorias Secret-$5 (salllleeeee)
Cool ripped jeans [I love them, don't judge me]: Forever 21-$25
bling bling: curtesy of my hubby

and of course:
my flops.
Rainbows: The Flop Shop-$45
best investment.
I need a new pair for summer I think...the back of them have the 'you've worn me enough, can I get a sibling please'...and the bottoms are dark brown. most comfortable flops you'll ever own.

hope your week is ending out to be a fabulous one!


Angele said...

I love your easter tree! it's realy cute.
Me and my famly make an easter tree to, but from a tree branch instead.

Emma said...

i just love your blog!!

Cara said...

You and Dan literally have the SAME tattoo. His is just on his left foot, but it's the same placement! Another reason we're BFFs.

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