Sunday, April 10, 2011

Best Friends.

I love Sundays. It's by far my favorite day of the week.
And I got to spend this Sunday on the beach :)
Basking in all of Gods glory.

And applying a lot of sunscreen.

Day 15: Write to encourage a friend. Inspire her beauty.


We met in kindergarten because we were writing the same boy love notes in his crayon box...and then got into trouble together.

We've come such a long way from those strappy sandals and long sun dresses (weren't they your moms?!) to you being them most beautiful woman I know. We've also come a long way from that little kindergarten class to The University of Pennsylvania & The University of Central Florida.

I just want you to know that I'm really proud to call you my best friend, and so blessed to have had you by my side for seventeen years; and I'm so excited about our futures. I'm also really proud of you...just in general. You have become this fearless woman who has everything going for her. Life is crazy stressful right now, but don't ever forget that I'm your biggest cheerleader, and will be waiting to celebrate when you get that big girl job soon! Because girlfriend, you deserve it! I've always envied your brains, because lets face're in an Ivy League school for heavens sake! I still won't ever forget the phone call when you told me you got accepted into UPenn. And now, here I am, waiting to skype to see that gap and gown you'll get soon so you can walk across that stage and make me even more proud of you.
Josie it's been more than just a blessing to have been by your side for all these years. Through the awkward ones when we really didn't know what to do with that hair, or that Cleopatra Halloween this confident woman, whose closet I constantly wish I could raid.

We said we'd be best friends forever, it's been a great run thus far :) So here's to fifty more years of being goofy together, laughing till it hurts, crying sad and happy tears, gossiping about nothing, writing emails just to say hi, texts asking how our days are, weddings, babies, family vacations, encouraging phone calls, celebratory phone calls, always being my number 1 go to, and simply being each others best friend. 

Here's to best friends!


Angele said...

that's so sweet!

Emily said...

I love friendships like that. SO precious. :)

Jo said...

i keep reading this and it keeps making me feel so so great. thanks again for choosing to dedicate a day to me. i miss you a lot and even though things are changing (again!) for us, it's such a joy to know that you're a constant. thanks for putting up with every part of me throughout the years. i love you! -jo. m

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