Tuesday, April 5, 2011

If your a bird, I'm a bird.

the greatest chick flick in the world: The Notebook.
can anyone really complain?

Sonny has escaped to the porch while I sit and grin my face off, and constantly have that 'aww' look on my face.

A good love story is just good for you :)

Day 13: Write about something you like to change about yourself for the better.


None. It always escapes me when I need it the most, and it becomes really evident that I don't have any in the simplest of situations (waiting in line). So if I could change one thing: I'd give myself some more patience.
Now yes, this is something I need to change and can do it on my own...but I've been waiting for a it to kick in...haha.
If you've got any patience enhancing ideas, please send them my way!

Also, I get jealous too easily. Way to easily.
God created me just the way I am for a reason...so why be?
Because I'm a twenty something year old female.
I have all the blessings I could ever ask for, but sometimes I get jealous of friends. Some who are about to graduate college, and I'm still a year off. Some who seem to get opportunity after opportunity to serve the Lord on missions trips. Some who just seem to 'have it all'.

But then I take a deep breathe and almost smack myself...I have it all. Well, all that I could ever want.
I have a happy healthy family, and I'm married! Married to the most wonderful man in the world.
I have it all.

the movie is almost over, almost the best scene ever. praying for you loveys!

OH! and I got to play with my niece today...she is crawling everywhere! And loves Aunt Meggys Coach purse :)

she's the poster child for adorable.

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Angele said...

your neice is the cutest baby ever!

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