Monday, March 21, 2011

To the one who makes my heart come alive

Day 5: Write a blog thanking someone who has made your heart come alive.

I don't think there's much competition when it comes to the person who has made my heart pitter patter, flip flop, and jump for joy: my hubby.

I feel like it's cheesy to say 'thank you for everything you've done for me' because it seems we only reserve those kinds of things for people who have physically done something for us. And although you have taken out the trash a couple times, I'm thanking you for a little bit more than that.
When we met 2 (and almost a half) years ago you changed my life. I had given up completely on love and figured that it was just going to be me against the world forever. What I didn't know that New Years Eve was, although I found you super timid and shy, you'd become the one who I'd go to first, the one I'd kiss good-night, the one I'd wake up to, the one I'd make waffles for, the one I'd love unconditionally.
You have made my heart come alive.
You've made me realize that this life means nothing without having someone to share it with. And then you made me the happiest girl in the world, and asked me to marry you...and now I get to have a happy heart forever. I have no fears with you because I know you'll take care of me, I don't worry about things now because you will take care of them.
These rings don't just mean the same last name, they mean we get to start a family. For the next 50 years we get to share every wonderful memory together, and share all the joys God will give us. Sometimes I have to pinch myself because some days this doesn't seem real.
But it is.
I am so excited about our future. The hundreds more trips to Disney, the million more lovey texts you'll send me, the thousands more smiles you'll bring to my face, and the billions more pictures we'll take.
Sonny you have not only become my husband, you have become my best friend. You've become my other half and the person I count on most. I share my secrets with you, and all the weird things that make me me and you love me even more. I can't imagine a day with out you, or a day where I don't go to bed loving you more than I did the night before.
I am so blessed and proud to call myself your wife.
I love you more than you'll ever know.

(we found this painting a couple months before we got married; it was the first thing we bought for our home)


M. said...

so beautiful! i'm glad i came across your blog!
have a great night, sister.


Emily said...

this is so sweet! stumbled across your blog and love it! :) God bless you and your precious family!

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