Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jaded Beauty

Work work work. But finally a day off tomorrow! And to get a hair cut, and take my wedding dress to be cleaned, and put in a big box for me to stare at for the rest of my life...would it be weird to just wear it out again? Would anyone say anything? :)

Here we are, almost a week into Project 31! I'm loving it so far!
Day 6. Jaded beauty. Has the world's definition of beauty ever jaded you?

Umm, it's 2011 and I'm a female, of course it has. No matter what, some days I just don't feel pretty enough. Or times when I'm getting ready to go out to dinner with girlfriends I find myself already thinking about how much prettier they'll be than I'll be.
I'm only human.
And I'm a twenty something year old female.

I think it's terrible the world we live. There is way way way too much pressure for girls and women to think that all that matters is whats on the outside. Sometimes I worry too much about that but most days I know God loves me no matter what I'm wearing or how I look.
I don't do it, but I would imagine it's exhausting trying to look perfect all the time...and not to mention expensive!

Here's a little experiment: if there's something you always do to 'get ready' don't. Maybe it's make up, or always in heels, or always dressing up. Stop for a couple days.
For me, it's more about my attitude when going out with friends. I need to remind myself that I am beautiful. That it doesn't matter what I'm wearing, or what make up I put on or how my hair is done.
Be your own beautiful.

Psalm 139:14
I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

I hope your week is ending out well! I'm exhausted from the last three days of work!

Be blessed girlfriend!

and ok, I didn't take this picture today, but it's one of my all time favorites that I have taken.


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Jhen.Stark said...

"Be your own Beautiful"

I LOVE IT! Absolutely LOVE IT

I love what you wrote! I think our society today is terrible about beauty! Absolutely Terrible! But I think we all have it deep within us to really see that it is what is inside, but our world instills a fear in us to embrace that!

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