Sunday, March 20, 2011

Beaches and Family

I appologize for being a day behind now...and I'm sure it will happen in the future, but yesterday I left the house at 11 and didn't get home till 930 that evening from work. Needless to say, it was way to long of a day, and all I could do was shower and eat before crashing last night.

I hope everyone enjoyed their beautiful Saturdays!

Today however, I had plenty of time to do as I pleased!
We may have slept in this morning and didn't make it to the 11'oclock service...we. are. only. human. :) So I spent a couple hours today at the beach soaking up the beautiful sunshine, and diving into the Word.
And then my favorite part of (most) Sundays: dinner at my parents.

Gosh I love Sundays.

However, I am ready for a new week. This past week was just beyond exhausting.
Here's to a new week! With new laughs, new pictures, new ideas, and new people!

Day 4: Style 31. post a pic of you in your favorite outfit
(does my wedding dress count?)

as of late:
Incase you wondered:
shirt-(my most favorite, never failing) Target $16
shorts- Macys (last summer, Levis) $25
sunglasses- Aviator Raybands $too much
sandels- Traffic $15
and of course my Iphone

I love summer so most day's you'll find me in those shorts and a shirt. I like to keep it simple, mostly because what ever takes the less time I'm game for. But bright colors and I are bffs, and I wont be found in anything but sandels...I'm a Florida girl what can I say.

And my photo. I've been praying for God to give me His will for my life:

Proverbs 3:6
 Happy Sunday!

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