Thursday, January 6, 2011

22 things to do!

Ok so I think I may have been a little over zealous with the 365 things to do this year...I mean first off, I can't even come up with them and second, there's too many to actually enjoy crossing them off the list one by one.

Life is never how we plan, and it's all about how we adapt to change,
 so here's my realistic list of 22 things to do in 2011!

(ok maybe number one is kind of cheating)

In case you can't see them:
1) get married!
2) go camping
3) bake an apply pie from scratch
4) get a new tattoo
5) take a photography workshop
6) find a new hobby
7) make a wedding scrapbook
8) make a blanket
9) take a trip to Key West
10) pray with a stranger
11) learn to say I love you in 5 different languages
12) paint a picture
13) go 5 days with no tv
14) teach Reagan something new
15) read the whole bible
16) plant a garden
17) read 50 books
18) watch the sunrise 25 times
19) buy a car
20) finish every Harry Potter book
21) visit two new states
22) live life to the absolute fullest!

 List make me happy. I watched Chaos Theory the other day. Ryan Reynolds obviously attracted me to the cover, and it turned out to be a great movie! The gist of it is this: he makes lists every day to make things easier for him, and to keep his life in order. I <3 lists! Seriously, I already forget everything, so lists help me keep things going. If you're not a list maker try it!

And go watch the movie, Netlix. 

I can't even begin to explain the emotions going on inside my brain. I'm by definition an emotional roller coaster at this point. I'm happy at noon and then by 3 I'm a brizilla trying to stomp on every building in sight, wondering around the house yelling "RRRAAAWWWWRRRR".

Maybe that was a little bit of an exaggeration, but I think it's pretty close...just ask my mom or Sonny.

At this current moment, while I sit on my coach and enjoy 'Say Yes to the Dress' I'm excited. I'm so filled with joy that I'm about to burst at the seams! My wedding is a short 16 days away! Unbelievable! I've been counting down from (around) 250 days, and here I am watching it get into single digits. I'm ready, but I'm scared. I'm ready to be a wife, but scared I won't be good at it. I'm ready to 'grow up' but I'm afraid of what that might entail.
But that's love right? When I can have all these scared feelings but know that everything is going to be just fine because I'm marrying a man that wouldn't let a fly hurt me. He'd do anything for me and I know that without a doubt.

Alright, I'll stop with the mushy stuff.

Have a great day beautiful!

It's raining, so I can be found on my couch all day.


Jo said...

Let me give you my Grandma's apple pie recipe, it's heavenly!!
Great great list. I told you I'm taking a photography class this semester, right? I can't wait to learn more about it so we can share :-)
Me and the roommates are creating a joint "Things to do before we graduate list", which should be a lot of fun too. It feels good to cross things off.
Being the Welsh girl that I am, here's "I Love You" in Welsh: 'Rwy'n dy garu d
(Good luck pronouncing that).

'Rwy'n dy garu d, Megan! See you 2 weeks from tomorrow!

Katherine said...

I love your list! When you start on those 50 books let me know because I have a teeny tiny library of over 200 you could borrow from! And of course I have tons of favorites :)
Also, when you get a tat I want to come k? Deal!
Love you

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