Thursday, August 1, 2013


remember when i said i'd be switching my blogs today?

well you're just going to have to wait a couple more days.

starting things on a thursday feels weird to me.
so it will be monday that everything goes over here.
mostly because i've had my niece the last three days and felt like i've been shut off from the world.
also, if i haven't said it enough. moms, you rock.

i wanted to make sure this little blog got a better send-off, and that everyone knew exactly what was happening.

so if you don't know.
starting monday, i will be doing all of my blogging over at my photography blog. i'm so excited about it, and so praying that all you beautiful readers of mine will hop over there and follow me!

and so august is here. summer is winding down, and fall is coming up quicker than we know. 
i'm excited for august. because i think it starts my five months of craziness. vacations, weddings to photograph, the influence conference, mumford and sons concert, and so many other things. 
at first, i was panicking that june and july flew bye. that i didn't (honestly) have much to show for my summer. but now, i'm ok with it all. i had a wonderfully lazy summer. 

and now it's time for life to keep going. 

i'm excited for august. and excited for it to turn into september, and then to october, and then before we all know it, i'll be twenty five and santa will be making his way down our chimneys. 

adios july. you were fun. but i'd be telling lies if i said i wasn't happy to see august. 

do you have any big plans for the fall?


Annie said...

"starting things on a thursday feels weird to me" bahahaha. i didn't realize you were switching your blog over! (or now i feel like i did because maybe you mentioned it 90 million years ago?)

i'm happy to see august, too. but i will be even more overjoyed to see september!

erin m. said...

Adding your photography blog to my bloglovin feed as we speak!

You get to see Mumford? FUN! I saw them last fall and they were sooooooo great! You'll love it.

Emily said...

I'm so jealous you get to see Mumford! I'm sure they put on amazing shows. And I'll be adding your other blog to my bloglovin' right away!!

Erin James said...

How exciting, girl!! Gonna head over there to follow :)

CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU AT INFLUENCE. Like, SO excited right now.

kristyn said...

I'm so excited for your blog move :) And yes! I was feeling a bit the same, but I"m ready for August too. It will be nice to have things pick up a bit. You definitely have a lot to look forward to :)

Stamp in My Passport said...

lazy summers are the best. you need time to gear up for a hectic fall. i would trade staying at home chilling to go to a mumford concert :)

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