Monday, July 29, 2013

the girl behind the blog is bizack.


if you don't link up with it. you need to.

i also say "so" a lot.

and duke makes a cameo.




Abigail Jasmine said...

I love vlogs! Nice to see you, girl! You are just lovely!

Amanda said...

I've been considering making a vlog just because I've never done one. Mayhaps I should link up? I don't know.

Nadine said...

You're the BEST! I'm so so glad you linked up. For several reasons:
1. you're a babe
2. you make me laugh
3. you love me
4. MANY other reasons.

Erika Spitler said...

I really love that your online presence is synonymous to who you are "in real life". You are simply you. That makes me super happy and super thankful. By the way... YOU are a tremendous encouragement.

Anonymous said...

Hi friend! This is totally the only link up I do too... I just cant remember either. I'm excited you are moving things over to your photo blog.. that is so exciting! And how sweet are you for all your nice comments? Super sweet. Cant wait to meet you soooooon!

Anonymous said...

Duuuke! He's adorable.

You are definitely super funny and encouraging and I can see how that can be used when things seem so hard or difficult!

katie_shannon said...

Yes I love laughter and the lightheartedness that people can bring to a tough situation!

Holly said...

Love it!! :) I have to follow your photo blog now!

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