Tuesday, July 30, 2013


happy monday!

i was so excited friday when i got home and saw my first stitchfix box sitting on my front porch, (i also received two postcards from my best friend who's traveling europe this summer, so it was pretty much the best day of mail. minus the bills).

if you haven't heard of stitchfix yet, you have to go check it out.
you pay $20, describe your personal style, and then they send you a box of clothes. to either a) play dress up in or b) play dress up in and keep something.

when you fill out your style online they go into a lot of detail, which i really loved.
however, and i guess i could count this as a good thing, but everything in my box was too big. except the t-shirt. i guess i'm smaller than i think (which i'm working out regularly so i can't be mad at all). so make sure to get the sizes right.

and so here's what i got on my first fix!

zandra chevron print dress
too big. loved, loved it though. 
the belt is mine. 
i do weird things with my hands. i can pose others, but not myself apparently. 

bryce pin-tuck short sleeve blouse. 
too big. see the arm pits? it's like i could fit a whole other me in there. 
loved the green on me though, which was surprising. 
also. i din't crop this picture. 

jesley striped short sleeve knit shirt.
ding ding! we have a winner. this is my style to a t. 
super relaxed but put together? or maybe i just think so. 
and duke made his first modeling appearance on this one too.
{ralph lauren you can hire us whenever you want ;)}

sparrow charm necklace.
super cute. may keep it too.

capitola fit & flare tank dress. 
by far the most fun to put on! i channeled my inner jackie o! 
sadly though it did not fit. i was holding it in on my sides for the picture. 
shoes are mine

it really is worth it. 
mega cute stuff. and how i actually had so much fun trying on all the clothes and having the hubs snap some pictures. 

and here's where i tell you to sign up and put my name as the referral. shameless plug. 

ok go sign up and we can all have fun. 


Miss Riss said...

I LOVE your tshirt and that blue dress!!! Soooo cute!!! And I would never guess the dress didn't fit! Looks adorbs on you!

Annie said...

um. i LOVE that chevron dress. i'm so sad it's too big on you! it actually looks like it fits really well.

i do think that jersey knit is right up your alley. and it's super cute!

if i had a spare $20 i would totally order a stitchfix. i've been wanting to do one for like a year now but just haven't had the money to!

erin m. said...

so cute! too bad it was all too big because all those items are super cute! i haven't signed up yet but I'm sure someday I will. (i'll use your code when i do) ;)

Lauren said...


katie_shannon said...

Yes! Love that striped shirt!

Anonymous said...

Love love love the striped shirt!

Britney said...

Love the chevron dress, it's so cute! Also, your dog is very cute! I have a black lab too at home, her name is mavis.

kristyn said...

I LOVE that red striped shirt. So cute :) Glad you kept it. And those shoes in the last photo are dear! I keep thinking about trying Stitch Fix, but I'm so nervous.....if I ever do end up subscribing though, I'll be sure to use your referral link ;)

Jovita said...

You look so pretty in all of them, Meghan! You've got me tempted to check them out even though my wardrobe is overflowing with clothes...

Angela said...

So much fun! I want to try it out, one day. :)

Unknown said...

Such cute outfits- that chevron dress is perfection!!

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