Monday, July 1, 2013

weekend snapshots

{dog park saturday}

{printed out my JULY calendar. seriously. how is it july?}

{celebrated this princess turning THREE! so blessed to be her aunt meggy}

warning. cuteness overload coming up. 

{a tutu bathing suit. does it get any more adorable?}

{that was all my idea}

how was your weekend?!


Miss Riss said...

Your dog, seriously SO cute!! And that cake looks pretty impressive!

Emily Patten said...

My goodness those pictures are adorable! I seriously LOVE the tutu swim suit! Where can I get one in my size?!? Haha!

Angela said...

Reagan is such a cute name! That is my favorite age for little ones... I can't wait to be an auntie!!

kristyn said...

i love calendars and planners but geez i agree--can't believe it's july. these photos are so cute! love your outfit girl--and her tutu suit is too dear :)


Ashley R said...

I love it all. And on a random side note- I have those colorful sharpie pens and I LOVE them. :)

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