Tuesday, July 2, 2013

30 in 30

hello sweet friends.

per usual, i'm a day late on the whole "holy crap it's july 1 where the heck did the first half of 2013 go?"

but seriously, how is 2013 half way over. the back end. last half. i don't mean to put you bucket listers in a panic, but technically you should be 1/2 through your 2013 to-do list. i think i made one, but i'm terrible at them. i do however have a list of things to get done this summer, and before i turn TWENTY FIVE in december.
and i haven't crossed off a single one.

yea. that just happened.

ok so.

i just finished reading R E F R E S H. and i have to force myself to let it simmer before i go back for round two. yes, it is that good.

while the Lord is doing some serious work in my life, some seriously needed work, i'm first going to tell you about the "outside" refreshing i'm doing.

in the ebook, hayley talks about refreshing the wardrobe. something i seriously dread. because it's quite possible i could be put on hoarders for my clothes.
i keep everything.
things that don't fit.
things out of style.
things just because they were a gift.

but i still stand there for 20 minutes complaining i have nothing to wear.

{from the ebook}

she also goes on to give a sort of challenge. 
pick 30 pieces of clothing and only wear those for 30 days. 

and it was like a light bulb went off in my head. 

challenge accepted. 

yes. i know it's the second. 
yesterday before i knew it, it was 3pm and i had so much running around to do that morning that i never changed out of my work out clothes. 
real life people.

but nonetheless, here i go. 

30 pieces. 30 days. 

of course you can mix and match, and no i'm not counting workout clothes or jammies. 

or shoes. 


and here they are. taking up the smallest part of my closet. my favorite 30. 
two pairs of jeans.
two pairs of shorts. 
two skirts. 
four dresses.
and twenty shirts. t-shirts, dress shirts, tank tops. 

i'm so excited for this.
it's this whole being simple thing that i love the most. what's the point of having all those clothes when you don't wear half?

i will try my hardest, to get a picture every day of an outfit to report back.
i can make no promises but i will try.

if you haven't checked out the ebook, make sure to do so!

happy tuesday friends.


katie_shannon said...

I loved both the refresh & no brainer wardrobe ebooks

kristyn said...

that's 30?! it sounds like more than it looks like haha. you go girl! i'm so excited for you. it will definitely be a good experience in simplicity and contentment.

a few weeks ago i went through my wardrobe and donated 30 pieces to a local thrift store that helps women. it feels so great to look in my closet and know i only have what i actually wear!

good luck beautiful!

Angela said...

Sounds like a great challenge. I've heard of picking 10 items... Put 30 sounds much more realistic to me.

erin m. said...

I have always wanted to try a 30 for 30 challenge with my wardrobe -- but never have. i can't wait to hear about your experience and maybe I will have to do one soon too :)

Holly said...

This is great!! I tried a 30 in 30 challenge a few years ago but it wasn't nearly as good as this--I cheated, haha. I hope you do better than me!!

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