Friday, July 5, 2013

friday favorites

there are some days that my brain just can not get out the right words. 
i sit down to type and it's like i've never blogged a day in my life. 
anyone else like that?

thankfully, i've read some incredible posts this week that have brought all my mushed words to life.

beth moore is one of my favorites. my absolute favorites. and in this post she's talking about revival. 
"scar our hearts with Your cross and love through us, Lord."
it's long, but please make sure to finish it. 

carrie wrote about being lost in translation. a post i am pretty sure i could have wrote. i am so thankful for this blogging community and being able to have people so wonderful to relate too. 

ann voskamp's sweet words soothe my soul. 
"you are doing something great with your life- when you're doing all the small things with His great love."

chelsea posted a picture of her dog, so she had me there. but also her words on freedom and how much we have to celebrate made my heart happy. 

what posts did you love this week?


Chelsea Hannah said...

love chuuu

kristyn said...

small things with great love. amen girl!

ashley said...

I loved being able to get a bit more organized and that I finally start my job!

Elizabeth Mayberry said...

i love that photo and those words - that was an encouragement to me today!!

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