Thursday, June 6, 2013

life lessons: friendship

there aren't a lot of things i can write down and say that i know them for sure.

i know that true love exists.
i know that chocolate cures all.
and i know that friendships, no matter what, are a must.

it's weird to think that seven years ago i was surrounded by "best friends". bffs that i met before and after school for coffee and gossip. girlfriends that knew about my day from start to finish.

and now.
now things are different.

i can count on my one hand the women i'd call girlfriends. the one's i know would drop everything to be at my aide.

and i'm ok with that.

i've learned that the older you get, the harder friendships become.
life happens.
hard things happen.
and you learn that through all the mud, the one's who stick around are the most important. the ones who are here to stay.

at twenty four, almost twenty five {insert panic face here}, i've got one girl who has been by my side since day one of kindergarten.

any giant moment in my life, i can see her standing next to me, or there with me in thought. we've had a "long distance relationship" since the seventh grade.

she's been one of my biggest motivators. cheerlearders. supporters. encouragers.
the list really goes on and on.

over the last eighteen years, i've learned a lot about friendships.
the biggest one?
it's so much more important to love them because of who they are, rather than try to change them.

it's more important to laugh and cry with them, then try and teach a lesson.

it's more important to remember the good times, than keep onto the tiny fights.

because friendships, the really good ones, are worth having.

i've had a lot of friends in my life. and i'm sure i'll have more. but the really really good ones, they last a lifetime.

and so the lesson through friendships...never under estimate how awesome a frizzy haired girl with a plaid vest can be at being your best friend.

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Lindsay Dryer said...

I love this, Megan! And I totally agree with you! Friendships become much harder the older we get. Thanks for the lesson. Definitely a challenge to work harder at my friendships!

erin m. said...

A-MEN. Like you, I have learned that it can be so hard to maintain and develop those close, dear friendships. It is really hard at times to see how relationships have changed but I so value the girls in my life who I know are more like sisters. My closest friends are the ones who I may not see very often, but when we get together, nothing has changed. Thanks for sharing this!

Abigail Jasmine said...

Megan, great post! This is such a life lesson I think in so many ways!

Hope you have a blessed rest of your week, girl!

katie_shannon said...

Once I got married & pregnant I was jerked into this life where friendship was HARD. It's taken years, but I am learning how valuable it is.

Angela said...

Love this post! It's hard getting older and losing friends due to time and distance... but I firmly believe the best of friends are ones that overcome these obstacles and persevere.

Amanda Schroeder said...

You're words are beautiful. Change is inevitable. Change with literally...everything. I sort of hate it. But at the same time, all of this makes us stronger.


Kristin said...


Chelsea said...

I learned this lesson the hard way. I had a rough time with my closest friends in college and basically withdrew from real community. But it's hard to walk alone and God never intended us to do so! Friendship is so important and enriching! I'm glad you've got someone who's been there through it all :)

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