Wednesday, June 12, 2013

from oh-io to florida.

i hail from the great buckeye state.

{hang on sloopy at my wedding}

i was raised on three principals. 
1. it's pukesburgh.
2. michigan sucks. 
3. and it's called the Jake. 


in the seventh grade, my parents got the most fabulous idea to move to this random town in florida. uproot me from my friends, force me to live in the city by the beach. 
hello melbourne. 

{i was going to just search for a pic of melbs on google, but then i remembered this stunning picture my sweet friend erika took}

we've been here for twelveish years now, and i can tell you one thing for certain. 
i'll never go back. 

the warm weather. flip flops. dakines. 
they're all what makes this place my home. 

my roots are still in ohio. 
but i've become a florida girl. 
because who wouldn't want to live in a place that looks like this: 

i'm linking up with the the influence network. writing about how much i love where i live. 
because i do. so so so much. 

come visit sunny florida. 


Kalle said...

That picture of the pink sunset is breathtaking. If moving to the States was easier (Canadian here) then Florida would be at the top of my list.

jennifer visser said...

oh no! i don't like your number 2!

i'm a michigander here.. and i'll even go as far as saying a uofm fan. but the crazy thing... i adore my sweet oh-io friends. i know..crazy.

but florida - man what a sweet place! i actually have family in melbourne!

Virginia said...

I hope you're getting over the "Michigan Sucks" brainwashing you received when you were younger ;)
That's OK, we were taught the same about Ohio State. Beautiful pictures! Nice to meet you!

Ashley Shelley - The Christian Wife Life said...

I wanna visittt! :) Beautiful pic of you!

erin m. said...

Um, those beach pictures. Just bought my plane ticket.

Your Florida beaches put Cali beaches to shame! That water is so clear!

Amanda Schroeder said...

Florida seems so beautiful! My husband served an LDS mission there, but it was in the ghetto part of Jacksonville, Florida, which...isn't completely the best part of Florida! Haha! I want to visit Orlando near winter though!!

katie_shannon said...


We played hang on sloopy at my wedding too :)

I can see how you have become a Florida girl

kristyn said...

those photos of florida are just stunning that you have! that i'm glad you wrote this, because sometimes i get frustrated living in florida. i'm from pennsylvania and have only been here a year, and it's so different. i miss grass i can actually sit in, and mountain landscapes, and milder weather--but i'm definitely lucky to be here. thanks for reminding me of that :)


anne fassnacht said...

Grew up in Indiana and I learned the same thing about Michigan. Pictures are beautiful.

Miss Rachel M. said...

Love this post! You've shared such great photos!

My parents within the last ten years moved to Palm Bay, Florida and its an interesting place to be. Melbourne has been my go-to hang out place when I do visit.

ashley said...

Next time we're in Melbourne we should meet! My hubs is from indialantic :)

Danielle said...

I also moved from the cold to the warm sunny south! And I too would never go back!!!

Noelani said...

No matter where the Air Force sends my little family, Florida will always be "home" to us ;)

Moriah@ Simple Gifts said...

I'm from Ohio too! And I agree, it's call the Jake! ;)

Kerrie Williams said...

You're making me miss Florida, Meg!! Ahh the beach. My favorite thing about living there :)

Miss Riss said...

Looks amazeballs! =) I'm always a little jealous of those who live near the water!

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