Thursday, May 30, 2013

it's just a number

hello lovely friends!

just a quick update for you today.

and some honesty.

i hate.
seriously hate.
that stupid number of "followers" that looms over on peoples side bars.

sorry if you disagree with me.

but i do.
it's a constant reminder that my blog isn't good or big enough.
even though i know it is.

i get so frustrated when i see other blogs jump up and up and up in numbers and it shoots my self-confidence in this little blog right in the foot.


no more!

i've replaced that stupid number with a bloglovin button! go follow my blog there, will ya?

plus, i think i heard that google friend connect is going away permanently soon anyways...right?

a big hooray.

i should mention that if you love that little number, this is no way is me trying to be rude to your opinion. but believe me when i say, it really is just a number.
and if we're only focusing on that number, than we're not getting anything out of this amazing blog community.

because holy cow girls, i am so thankful for the friendships i have made through this blog. and the wonderful friendships to come!

so go find me on bloglovin. it kicks blogger readers or google readers (or whatevers) butt!

happy thursday!

a tour of our new home is coming soon!

and also!

i'm starting a sponsor swap! click the tab and send me a button! :)


Jade said...

I hate that number, too! Especially since I deleted my blog in the past and my recreated blog hasn't made as many followers. :P But you're right, the focus shouldn't be on popularity but on connectedness and art, of course. :)

kristyn said...

so true. i get more traffic than the average blogger with my measly number of followers (took a lot of sleuthing to figure that out, not proud of it), but sometimes i still get discouraged when i look at the number of followers. so dumb! thanks for standing up and saying something :) it's soooo much more about the community and content than the "likes" :)


RitaMarie said...

I agree! I have the button on my bar because people weren't really "following" me without it and I like to know at least one person is reading. But my stats always say that they are... and comments always let me know people actually care a little. :)

I have the teeniest following ever, but I really enjoy doing this for even one person who comments.

Yay for you! (And yes, I hear GFC is going away.)

Miss Riss said...

Go girl! I totally agree!

erin m. said...

Amen!! I have never been a fan of google friend connect but kept it on my blog because i knew people liked using it, even though i despise the whole numbers game. Might have to follow your lead and remove that little guy!

Amanda Schroeder said...

I love this post. The reason I have it is because I've had readers say that's the way they prefer to follow me. And to be honest, I'll be a bit relieved when it's gone too. Too many people blog for the wrong reasons. I LOVED this post. So thanks for being HONEST & true. Love your blog. No matter how "big" it is. That surely doesn't matter.


Ashley R said...

New follower. :) I couldn't agree more (although my small count is still there), I don't buy much into it either. :) very cute blog!

Angela said...

Girl, I'm with you! I completely write my blog for myself...but sometimes it's so hard to not get dragged down by that silly number. I constantly need to remind myself that I'm doing this for my own creative outlet. Do I love the friends that have come from it? Yes. Absolutely... but would I still be blogging if no one in the world read what I wrote? I think about that a lot.

Julie said...

Yes, yes, yes. I've been thinking about the same thing A LOT lately. It really is just a number, but it's easy to let it get to you sometimes! But when you think about it, the things that matter are the connections and wonderful friendships we've all made, and glorifying God!

Abigail Jasmine said...

Hey lovely lady!
I would LOVE to swap buttons! I'll add your button on today!!

Love it here and feel ya about the numbers thing..who cares! :)

Following you on bloglovin'!

Taylor Elyse said...

Oh man, I so agree. I just moved to blogger and felt so down on myself for my number of followers. it is just a number. Thanks for that reminder!


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