Wednesday, February 6, 2013

luke bryan

i figured that it's about time i share with you girls the best concert i've ever been to.


we didn't have seats because we had "pit passes", which meant we stood for the concert.
stood right next to the stage.

it was amazing.

florida georgia line opened up {which i got a little hand shake from both florida and georgia}, and then thompson square played.
they are so freaking cute it's not fair.
they're all married, and sing love songs to each other.
i died.

and then.

and then there was luke.

words can't describe it so just look:

{so my older sister got to MEET him for the SECOND time...
this was as close as katie and i were getting}

{he took some kids hat and started dancing. hilarious}

{no zoom here girls. no zoom}

{and i didn't want that concert to end either!}

i should also insert that he shook my hand too...or slapped it or what ever. 
he uses a great moisturizer i can tell you that. 

happy wednesday.

1 comment:

Gina Alyse said...

Ah!! This looks Ah-MAZING! I love Luke Bryan. His songs are so catchy and fun!

Thanks for sharing this :)

xo, gina

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