Sunday, January 13, 2013

a community.

i'm learning that if you want something to be important to you, then you need to make time for it.
our lives are jam packed with to do lists, events, family outings, school, jobs, and trying to find time for ourselves.

i'm making 2013 my organized year. i've got to figure out what my life looks like without school in it, which after doing it for the last 18 years {i took the five year plan}, is hard. it's hard not always having that one constant in my life.
it's wonderful, but difficult to adjust to.

friendships are one of those things that i need to start putting more time into. let's face it, the older we get, the harder they are to keep. we change, our friends change. we enter into new season's of our lives while they're still hanging out in the last one.

i got married young, 22, and found that a couple friends didn't make it past the moment i said, "i do". it's the unfortunate truth, but it happened. i've had the same best friend since i was five, and kept a handful of friends for the last couple of years. but somewhere along the lines, the friendships i had just slipped away. being busy got in the way, getting married drove a wedge, realizing that family was more important {some girls don't adjust well to that truth}.

loosing friends suck.
there, i said it. 

i was thinking the other day about the friendships i made in 2012. i met two incredible women at my church {one who's jumping on this blog band wagon, check her out.}, who i have so much in common with and have become so thankful for their friendships.

and then there's the women i've met through blogging. so.many.incrediable.women.
in all different areas of life, all that i've wanted to just sit down and have coffee with. all that love jesus. all who inspire me.

but there's a common thread between all my friendships...i haven't made any time for them.
yes, the past couple of months have disappeared from me, and i'm still waiting for them to remind me that they were here. but as much as we want to say we're sooo busy, we still have some free time.

time that you have to make for friendships.
whether they are the friends you can call and meet up to have coffee with, or the one's you have to schedule skype dates with. the time has to be made.

because i'm coming to a realization that friends are important.

very important.

and you've got to work on having them.

this morning i was perusing around the internet when i came across the influence network website. my insides ached as i looked at all the women who attended the conference last october, almost wanting to stand up and kick myself in the rear end for not going.
i had the plans to go you see. but let every reason not to go get in the way. money, school, work. you name it, i blamed it.

i guess you could say i was scared?

scared that maybe by taking this giant leap of faith, God could use me in ways i never thought possible. i played it safe.

2013 won't be played safe i can promise you that. 

i'm so thankful for this community of bloggers that i'm slowing becoming a part of. God brings people into our lives in ways we never would have been able to, and i'm so grateful for that.

i'm ready for this year to be different. to take leaps of faith and to make time for the things in life that mean the most. like friendships.

and also. i'm already saving pennies for this years influence conference. will i see you there?

because i can't keep sitting here waiting for God to do amazing things in my life when i'm not willing to take a step out once in a while.

if you haven't checked out the influence website, make sure to do that. it's pretty amazing what God's doing with all of that.

happy sunday!

all my love,


Anonymous said...

thanks for your comment, sweet Meg. I would LOVE to see you in September at the conference, and look forward to getting to know you as you join in the network.

xo. lindsey

Ashley Shelley - The Christian Wife Life said...

I feel the same way my dear. I've been thinking about going too...I don't know how it works but maybe we could stay together :)

Gina Alyse said...

I can totally relate about playing it safe. I feel like we all want to play it safe sometimes, but in the end, God has a plan and He can use you to do great things we don't even know about. I'm excited about 2013 and not playing it safe. I can't wait to see what God does for you :)

And I think I came across the influence network sometime last week, but I need to learn some more about it. I think I just might!

Christina said...

Great post. Losing friends is super difficult. Believe me, I've been there, especially since getting married. Not sure what it is about women that we don't transition well and we can't support each other sometimes in the most important periods in our lives. I am a firm believer that the Lord places the right people in your life at the right time and I just have to trust that or I would be a wreck all the time.

katilda said...

It IS unfortunate that some friendships slip away after marriage! As a single girl, I can attest to this happening but I'm not sure what causes it. Some married friends still return my calls and want to do lunch or at least email back and forth, and some just cease to exist. Must depend on the person! Still important to me to try, though.

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