Monday, July 16, 2012

my not so vacationy vacation

last week sonny and i traveled up to north carolina to help his parents move.
the week did not go as we had expected.

you ready for all of this?

sunaday morning i dropped the hubby off at his parents house to wait for the movers (his parents and their dogs had already hit the road for nc).
the movers were scheduled to arrive at 9am sunday morning.

i returned home to pack my bags and try and get all my school work done for the week that i could.
try being the key word here.

i realized that at 1030, i hadn't heard from sonny. so i texted him asking how it was going.
his response: they aren't here yet.

i didn't think too much of it considering it was a moving company and really, i have little to no experience with moving or hiring a moving company at all.

i pack my things and quickly get going on school work.
say it with me now: procrastination.

around noon i get a phone call from sonny.
the conversations is as follows:

me: hey babe!
sonny: hey babe (notice the no exlemation point)
me: what's going on? hows the moving going?
sonny: they never showed up.
me: what did you just say?

it seems that worldwide van lines is a bit of a moving scam company. you can read here the reviews people have left. they are horror stories of moving.

i married my husband for a multitude of reasons but his ability to come up with plan B is amazing. he quickly decided that we were going to rent two 24 ft moving trucks, have movers load them up, and then we would drive them to nc.

but then we had sonnys dads car to drive up as well.
sonny called a friend who had an open week and he came up to help us.

at this point, life was still good.
i'd get to ride up in the comfy bmw that not only had satellite radio, but the ability to play cds.
so, i thought it would be fun to make some mix cds for the ride.

jesus culture.
luke bryan.
taylor swift.
jason mraz.

the gang was all there.

the next morning (we're now on monday) we rented the trucks and patiently waited to hear the fate of the movers.

as it turns out, you can totally rent movers the day of that you need. well like the day before, but if you're ever in the mood to just up and go, movers won't be a problem for you.

so tuesday morning the movers show up and load up the trucks. luckily i got to spend the day with reagan playing with play-doh.

so there we were, making stashes out of the play-doh when i get a text from sonny.

sonny: it doesn't all fit. we have to get another truck.
me: who will drive it?
sonny: you.

as a female, the thought of driving a moving truck ten hours, didn't exactly sound appealing. 
but by this time, i was ready to hit the road jack and get going so i would have agreed to anything. 
well, almost anything.

i get home and receive a phone call from a frazzled hubby.

sonny: they won't let me use the card to rent the truck because it has your name on it and not mine. 
me: did you explain that you lost yours and that i'm your wife?
sonny: yes.
me: ok see you in a bit. 

you see my girls, my dear husband lost his debit card and stole mine. ok jk jk, but really he had mine and the lady at the rental place was very stern about not letting him use it. 
of course, why wouldn't she. 

sonny picks me up and we head down to the rental place. 

twenty minutes later, we make our way out to the trucks. and the first one i see has graffiti all over. 

that one is mine i know it for sure.

luckily for me, i dodged one bullet on that trip. no graffiti truck for megan. 

i hop on into to the truck almost thinking that it couldn't be that bad. 

i realize quickly that there is NO cd player in this truck. no way to hook up an ipod, no way for me to entertain myself at all for the next day. 

there aren't rear-view mirrors in moving trucks incase you all wondered so you have to rely solely on your side mirrors. 
one of which kept sliding down on the high way which really made driving fun. 

and so. 
i backed that thing up and we were on our way. 

{not nearly as much fun as play-doh mustaches}

we then had to go to sonny parents, load up this truck and then we could hit the road. 
of course by this time it was already 6pm.

we all decided it would be a better idea to grab dinner in melbourne before we took off so we didn't have to stop at all on the way up. 
what we didn't know then, was that we'd have to stop almost every hour because we were all so uncomfortable driving. 

we munched down on some fire house subs (yumo). and then, because i was traveling with two five year olds, they wanted to look all over brevard county for walkie-talkies to be like real 'truckers'. 
i kid you not. 
after a failed attempt at the walkie-talkies, and full bellies, we finally leave melbourne. 

by this time it's 8pm.

we drive two exits and i get a phone call from sonny.

me: hey babe.
sonny: my head light is out.
me: shut up. 
sonny: no, pull off at rockledge and the road side assistance will come help us. 
me: of course they will.

we pull off the exit and wait 20 min for the handy man to show up.
he doesn't have the right bulb for the light. 
not kidding.
by this time, i expected ashton  to jump out and yell, "you've been punked!" 

so he has to go to the walmart down the road and get it. 

after waiting an hour, we finally get on the road at 10pm.

our hotel awaited us in savannah. 

five hours later, all of which i spent white knuckled to the steering wheel because all the big trucks come out to play late at night on the high way, we made it to our hotel. 

we all looked like zombies i'm sure of it. 
i quickly brushed my teeth and washed my face and hopped into bed. 

only to be woken up at 7 by sonny snoring. 

thank you Jesus for placing that pull out bed in our room. 
back to sleep quickly. 

although we had planned on just sleeping in, and going when we got up, someone had a different idea because the fire alarm went off at 9am that morning. 

the fire alarm. 

six hours after we got there. 

the fire alarm friends. 


i can only imagine what the three of us looked like as we made our way to the cracker barrel across the street for breakfast, because if it was anything like i felt, we were a hot mess. 

we decided after breakfast to just get ready and go. so we did.

i spent my fourth of july sitting in a moving truck but we finally got to nc around 9pm wednesday night. 

girls, i still haven't recovered from all the stress. 
i am however, laughing because the whole thing was such a mess. 
i'm also thanking Jesus that we made it there and back alive. 

so there you have it, our not so vacationy vacation. 

happy monday friends!
all my love, 


Tiffany Miller said...

Oh my goodness Meg! What a mess!! Im glad you all made it there and back safely. Why don't things ever just go as planned?

On a different note, My younger sister just moved to Melbourne and is looking for a good church. If you have any good recommendations please email me I've driven by Melbourne many times on my way from where we live (Palm Beach area) to where I am from (Ocala). Im planning on driving up there to see my sister sometime next month :-)

DaisyGirl said...

Oh girl!!! What a story!!! But one you'll be telling for years. Reminds me too much of a similar experience my family where you wanted to kiss the ground when you finally pulled that big ol Uhaul up to your destination.

Christina said...

Wow! That's crazy, I would have been a frazzled mess that no one would want to be around. Sorry your trip to good ol' NC wasn't more pleasant.

Chelsea said...

Oh my goodness! So glad y'all finally made it alive.

I hate driving big vehicles so I totally feel you on driving the moving truck. Crazy!

Michelle said...

Oh dang! What a nightmare!! 10 hours with no music?! I would die. And a moving truck?? I've only ever driven small cars...I would be terrified! So glad you made it through all of that. I've heard about some of those moving company horror stories. I hope they didn't get any money!

Erin said...

Oh Meg I am sitting here finally reading this post laughing and cringing - I know that must have been a NIGHTMARE but you are just so funny in your descriptions :) I'm so sorry it was terrible :/ You sure are brave driving that moving truck - I would have freaked out!

Annie said...

dang GINA. i think hot mess is an understatement. i can't believe what all you went through! i'm glad you got to NC and back safely!

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