Wednesday, June 20, 2012

new computer.

this is what happens when megan finds the photo booth application.

{this is normal me}

{who has a giant foam finger and can not WAIT for football season to get here??
this girl}


{oh nooo my head is too big}

{this is what i'd look like if i had a twin...}

{this is just weird}

{not my best photo}

{big eyeball. i can see everything}

{1980's hair?}

{me and foamy on a roller coaster!}



{i am fish...a fish from the sea}

{not sure what's going on here}

{quick trip to paris. nbd}

{old western}

{this one's dumb}

{super hero megan}

i actually was procrastinating from school work that i thought i had to do, but then did this, signed on and realized i had already done it! go me!

happy hump day everyone! the weekend is almost here!

all my love, 


Gennean said...

Um, hi, you are adorable!! Also, I miss you!

Erin said...

HAHA girl you have me cracking up here :)

Just love you and my fav is the foam finger.

Annie said...

hahaha! i love these pictures. except that foam finger. get that mess off my screen.

Lindsay said...

I spent WAY too much time playing with photo booth when I first got my macbook. It's so fun!

Ktbuttons said...

Yay... I'm from Ohio too! I call Lake Erie my home, but spend the school year at Ohio University with my husband completing our master's program. Though I'm technically a Bobcat, my heart is very much a Buckeye!

So glad to have found you! I only 'know' a couple Ohio bloggers--so glad to have a new friend! :)

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