Monday, June 18, 2012

a life update

this week i have the first week in a long time and will be the only one for a long time that i don't have anything planned. it's my usual work week, but i don't have anything plan planned out. 
although, ask me tomorrow and i'm sure something will come up.

first, i must tell you that i am FINALLY on a mac! my sweet hubs put together a mac for me that they didn't use at their office anymore and now i FINALLY FINALLY have joined the mac world! any advice fellow macers? 
did i just make that word up? go with it. also this picture is going the wrong way but you get the idea. 

second, i'm proud to announce that sonny and i will NOT be having babies any time soon. nope, not going to happen. 
last weekend, i watched/babysat/cared for sweet two year old teething reagan for five days straight. the whole time. 24/7. me and reag. just hanging out. 
needless to say...i love my niece more than life. however, i am in no rush at all to do that full time. no ma'ma. no thank you. 
but. i did have a blast wit her. even though she was teething...which lead to a diaper rash...and then she got a cold the last day/night i was with her. 
as stated before: i don't know how mothers do this. gold metals all around for moms. 

{for real though, she's beautiful}

and this one...oh gosh...well don't say i didn't try and warn you on the cuteness...
you were warned. 

this was a rainy friday night spent cuddling and watching mickey mouse. 
she also just told me yesterday that if she's good, santa will bring her a puppy.
cuteness people, too cute. 

third, this is my daddy and i love him so much. fathers day was spent around the pool watching golf and then eating an amazing dinner by mom. main man ;)

fourth, i fed some ducks yesterday. 

fifth, my first class for summer is almost done, praise Jesus because it is making me so sad. a post on that later. 
the other three start in a couple weeks...and then i have ONE semester left and i am a college graduate. praise.the.lord.

sixth, i am halfway in raising funds for my missions trip to the dream center! i am so in awe of how amazing my family and friends have been! i would love your support if you could! if you haven't read that post, please go read it and keep us in your prayers. i know with my whole heart that God is going to do some amazing things that week in our lives. 

i'm in a season of my life where i just want to jump up and down all the time screaming about how awesome God is. it's totally cool cause most times when i do it, i'm alone. but i'm thinking of taking my gig on the road...
ok i may be super tired and giggly right now. 

seventh, i'm re-doing our office which i am pumped about!
this is my favorite part so far:

i leave you with this wonderful picture of me and the hubs. we love stripes and to match (kinda). but take my word on it...i put my clothes out and he tries to match me, at least i'm almost convinced of it. 

happy monday. bachelorette time. don't judge me. 

shades: vogue
earings: grandmas pearls
dress: old navy 
flops (big above): old navy
watch: michael kors
{i've never done an outfit thing before!}

all my love, 


Erin said...!

seriously, girl.

your style and writing and just who you are makes me smile, laugh, and just wish we lived down the street from each other.

way to go on the mac - wooohoo!

haha so true & funny what you said about being a mama - someday, but man you're right - hard work! she is the cutest and i love what she said about santa & the puppy (adorable.)

you and your dad are totes presh. (yeah i just said that)

& i'm so glad your summer class is done! way to go girl!

totally watched bachelorette tonight. was a little sad (in all honesty) that she sent ryan home cause he's just so darn handsome (i know, shallow! just being honest ha!)

love ya twin.

Tiffany said...

I just joined the mac world too! I'm not sure if you're using Microsoft Office or the iWorks but I love iWorks!!!!! It's much better productivity wise :) So glad to hear about what's going on in your life!

Ktbuttons said...

Just found ya! I always love me a fellow Ohian! Even better that you are an OSU and Cleveland sports fan!

I just don't see enough bloggers from Ohio (or originally from OH)!

Your wedding was beautiful--you are beautiful!

:) Katie

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