Friday, May 18, 2012


there are times in my life where i'm literally left without words because i am so thankful that God has given me the things He has.

one in particular.

my niece.

there's no need for me to explain that she's got me wrapped around her finger, and it's exactly where i want to be. i've been so blessed these last two summers to spend so much time with her, and i'm so excited for everything we'll do this summer.

today, we started summer out right and took a trip to the zoo! with grandma of course.

(i think she wasn't super sure on the whole bird thing)

as i've mentioned before, she melts my heart. ^ duh. 

today was a little different than most days because my sister needed me there earlier this morning (730 am) and i had to stay a little bit later (almost 6). 
which i loved. 

but i got into my car to drive home and was washed over by a wave of exhaustion. 
after the zoo we got lunch and then ice cream, which makes for a really long day. 

as i drove home i couldn't help but think, "moms do this every single day". 

every day. 

every single day. 

and then my next thought was, "how the heck do they do it?"

growing up i don't think i always gave my mom the respect she deserved (sorry mommy), i went through that terrible rebellious stage in high school where when my mom said no, i did it twice as much. there were some really really rough years with the two of us. 
but she never gave up on me. 

i was thinking today about how tired i was. i had spent one day with a (almost) two year old and felt like i just got done doing a marathon. 

and then i thought about how tired moms are...but we don't ever know it. 

again i ask, how do they do it?

i'm fully aware that we all think we have the best moms. but mines numero uno. 
for all the years i fought my mom, i must have pushed her to the point of ultimate exhaustion. and for what? a boyfriend that didn't last and friends who were never a good idea?

i'm wondering how moms do it.
how one day i'll do it.

it's not just the changing poopy diapers, or cleaning up the throw up. it's the every day, caring for someone and not yourself. putting you second, and them first. 
i'm amazed when i watch my older sister with reagan and how wonderful she is. it was always a family joke that me and my little sister would be married and have kids before amanda did. but look at her now! 

they say that when you have a baby you just "become a mommy". but i'm not too sure about all that. sure the motherly instincts will kick in, but i really think that when you have a mother like i do to model the whole "mom thing" for you...there's no failing on our end. 

it's been said that moms deserve awards for being so amazing. 
and i'd like to argue that each one deserves so much more.
golden statues of them?
month long vacations?
spa trips weekly?
i think most certainly more than just one day a year where we honor all they do. 

as a twenty three year old married woman, thinking about having children (not right now), i am over whelmed with gratitude for my mom. 
i am who i am today because of all she did for me. through the ups and the downs, she never left my side (no matter how much i deserved it). she taught me how to love people and how to deal with life. she taught me that the most important thing in your life will always be God and family. she taught me that no dream is ever too small to have because if you really want it, you can have it. 

and hey, it sure does help that i seemed to have gotten some of her looks!

she's my mom. 
my best friend. 
my role model.
my inspiration.

i know mothers day was almost a week ago. but how can you not post about mommys, especially when you've got one like mine. 

so mommy, (yea if you haven't caught on by now, i'm 23 and still call her mommy) 
i love you and i don't know where i'd be without you. 

all my love, 


Pretty lady said...

I guess we'll one day know when we become a mother. My mind can't wrap itself around it. It must be amazing though.

p.s. your mom is one gorgeous lady

Annie said...

Some facts:
You are pretty.
Your mom is pretty.
I still call my mom mommy too.
Moms are fantastic.
Reagan and I feel the same way about birds.

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