Wednesday, May 23, 2012

best friends for life.

"i now pronounce you man and wife. 
and best friends for life."

there i was, snuggled up on my couch saturday afternoon, crying my eyes out over the vow. 
i didn't get to see it in theaters...which now i'm glad because i would have been 'that crying girl', so i rented it to watch this past weekend. 

i tend to think that chick flicks always leave us thinking, "i wish that was me". how to loose a guy in ten days, the notebook.  

but this movie...not a chance. 

if you haven't seen it, it's highly recommended that you stop reading and go rent it. 
{spoiler alert}

i sat watching this movie about a husband and wife who got into a terrible car accident months after getting married, and the wife went into a coma. when she got out, she couldn't remember the last couple of years of her life, including who her husband was. 
he then decided that if she fell in love with him once before, he could make her do it again. 

so they dated, all over again. 
fell in love, all over again.
and got remarried. 

i have no idea what it was exactly about the movie that made me cry so much (maybe it's just because i cry at everything in general) but i was left sobbing at the end. 

i think it's because i was so overwhelmed with the feeling that God had given me a spouse who would have done (would do) the same thing. 

i don't think that after a year and a half of marriage i can give really award winning advice on how to pick a spouse, or how to make a marriage work. 

but what i can tell you is that when you do take those vows...they are meant to last forever.

which is the point behind the movie. 

those "i do's" are meant to last until death does you part. not just until things get hard. because they will. they're meant to last until forever. 

i watched as this husband did all he could to make his wife love him again, taking her on dates, bringing her flowers, even when everyone else told him to give up. 

that's true love. 

and the worst part is that she never remembered their marriage. and still to this day doesn't remember. 

sonny just happened to call as the movie was ending, and i could barely get out a hello when i answered. like a wonderful hubby he immediately picked up the fact that something was wrong and before he could get, "what's wrong out", i started blurting out how much i loved him. 

i have no idea what clicked inside of me watching this over the top chick flick, but all i could do was be thankful for my husband. 

our life isn't perfect. sometimes there's bumps in the road, but i know without a doubt that God created this marriage long before we had even met. which is what makes it so beautiful. 
sonny and i share a love that i can only pray every husband and wife share. sure we're still in the "newlywed" stage, but it's a love that i have no doubt will carry through the next sixty years. 

to me, my marriage is perfect.
i have a husband who would do anything for me. anything. 
i have a husband who loves me despite all my downfalls. 
i have a husband who knows me inside and out. 
i have a husband who loves and cares for me everyday. 

the quote above is my favorite from the movie. 
man and wife, and best friends for life. 

because that's what you become when you get married. each others other half, and best friend. 
you share secrets, and fears. worries and excitements. and no matter what, always always always, are the first one to turn to. 


i was fumbling around the internet today and started to read about the actual couple that the movie is based on. 

turns out their christians. 

and every article i read, they each said that this was a marriage God had ordained, and that the vows they took meant forever. 
no matter what. 
and no matter how hard the world was telling them to give up. 

i couldn't help but be so thankful for them. 
two people who went through the unimaginable, to come out of it on top, and only have God to thank. 

the husband in this clip makes a comment that most people would have just gotten a divorce and been done with it. but they knew that when they did say those vows, they meant it through the good and the bad. 

{this just makes the movie that much better}

maybe one day i'll write a book about marriage. 
but for now, all i can tell you, is marry the one who will love you forever. 

{our very first date, january 22, 2009)

{january 22, 2011}

so hubby...i love you more than anything. 

all my love, 


Sonny said...

I love you more boo! :)

Erin said...

Precious!!!!!!!!!! I am sitting here all teary eyed at this post :) You, my friend, are such a gem, and I love the wisdom you shared about marriage. I agree with all you said about the vow - I didn't see it in the theater either and when I watched it at home last week I also bawled my eyes out (TWINS, I tell ya.) And then I, too, searched & saw that the real couple are Christians - so awesome :)

You and your hubby are just so sweet, and you model such a beautiful love story. When I first started following your blog & Instagram (before we became real friends for life!!!) I totally used to smimle and think - they make marraige look like so much FUN! Because I could just tell y'all are best friends. I pray someday the Lord brings a best friend husband into my life like he has yours - in this world of broken promises and vows that don't last, you guys are such a good example & give hope to me that there is a different way to live - where love lasts forever!!

Love you :)

Annie said...

I haven't seen the vow yet so you've totally spoiled it for me but i wasn't terribly invested in it to begin with so i forgive you ;]

this is the kind of marriage i want. i want a marriage where i submit to my husband like the church does to Christ, where he loves me as selflessly as Christ loved the church. I love that the real couple from the vow are Christians. It sounds like the movie sticks to their actual story - and I love that, too, because so often Hollywood makes vows and marriage and fidelity look like a choice, and it's not. if you took vows, you keep them. it's that simple. not easy - never easy - but simple.

you may not be able to give "award winning advice" on marriage. in fact, i don't even believe there is such a thing. but if there were, you just gave it. "when you do take those vows...they are meant to last forever." amen, Meg. amen.

Becky Roode said...

Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

Meghan said...

What a great refreshing post! I am SO glad to see that I'm not the only one out there that believes vows are forever and who values the sanctity of marriage!

I loved The Vow! I would love to meet them and just let them know how inspiring they are!

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