Tuesday, April 17, 2012


hi love bugs!

i seriously can't believe that over the last week i have been nominated three times by three beautiful girls for the liebster award!

that makes four total. i have no idea what i'm saying to make you all like me, but i'm loving you all!

if i've said it once, i'll say it again.
i love blogging.
and my number one reason why: because of the wonderful women i've been able to meet!

first off, if you don't follow these three girls you need to. 
rachel-this little blonde cutie is amazing. she loves the lord so much and it's so evident in her blog.
amanda-another blonde cutie. her blog is covered with all things that make you happy.
taylor-she's got the same name as tswift. she's a college beauty who's just so much fun to keep up with.

second. here's the skinny on the award. 

1. choose five up and coming blogs to give the award to. blogs must have less than 200 followers.
2. show your thanks to the blogger who gave the award to you by linking back to their page.
3. post the award on your blog.
4. list the bloggers you gave the award to with links to their blogs, and leave a comment on their blogs to let them they received the award.
5. share five random facts about yourself.

and the awards go to...{are you drumming in your head?}

delaney: does anyone else start singing the jacks mannequin song when they see her name? ms delaney (couldn't help it) is a beautiful young cali girl. her realness on her blog is amazing. seriously. she's in love with the lord and does the cutest things with her hair. go check out her blog and be her friend. she's a pretty great one.

brittany: i think the only thing i need to write here is that she loves Jesus and is a student at the best college in the world. OH-

christina: this beautiful girl was one of the first blogs i saw when i got on here. she is so wonderful, and we share a lot in common. like having hubbys! her love for the lord shines through her blog and it's really refreshing. oh, and she calls her pets furbabies. adorable.

lauren: ok, so lauren is a legit friend of mine, like in real life. like we knew each other before we started blogging. she's super creative (something i'm foreign too) so while your on her blog look for her etsy link up. she's a sweet soul, and a beautiful friend in love with Jesus.

leah: she's from ireland, loves pride & prejudice, and is a servant of the Lord, need i say anything more? oh and she's totally beautiful.

five facts you can not live without knowing about me:
i have never received a speeding ticket (eight years and counting).
pink daisies are my favorite flower.
if i don't write out a 'todo' list, i'm a goner.
i'm obsessed with candles.
if i could, i'd live in my new car.

there it is folks! now go check out the blogs mentioned above.
hope your week is going well!

all my love, 


Laney Ellen said...

thank you meg :) haha i literally laughed when you said "she does cute things with her hair" that made my day!

. said...

Your blog is so precious! :)
Love it. I love bloggin because all of my fun bloggy friends, too. Seriously. These gals are great!

I've never had a speeding ticket either!

Courtney B said...

Perfect day for me to find your blog... loved the little facts! And you TOTALLY deserve these blog awards!
I got 3 speeding tickets from 16-17. 2 happened within a week of each other. AH! But I haven't had a ticket in 6 years, YAY! Ha ha. They make insurance go up SO much!

Brittany said...

IO!!! Thanks so much Megan :)

Lauren Thompson said...

THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! i duno what to do now!? haha!

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