Monday, April 16, 2012

check the tude.

in your relationships with one another, have the same attitude of mind Christ Jesus had. {philippians 2:5}

let's be honest here, i've had a really snappy attitude lately (apologies to hubby).
school is stressing me out (because i'm a slacker and wait to do things until the end of the semester), so i'm really busy all the time. and then i start to panic because in eight short months i'll be a college graduate and everyone and their mother will ask me "so now what?" and i'll just smile at them politely and say "what ever the Lord has for me" and i know they'll be laughing at me on the inside which is cool, cause i'll be having a panic attack on the inside.

see what i mean?

i think the first thing to get down as a Christ follower is our attitude towards life in general. not Him, because i feel like it goes with out saying that we should obviously have a grateful one. but what about the other stuff?

i'm not sure why this verse popped into my head this morning, but it did.

i think God is reminding me of the basics, and really to go back to them. i feel like often times we try and build up our relationship with God but He's still back at step one, asking where the heck we are. we're leaving Him in the dust because we think we can do this our selves.

the first step is changing our attitudes, because ultimately it will change the way we live. 
so if we change our minds to be just like that of Christ, what does it look like?

and i should point out here that paul isn't telling us to be almost like, or close to, but instead he's saying be like, i think he could have wrote imitate Christ's attitude.

i'm a start small build up to it kinda girl, realistic maybe? but not too comfortable.
shooting for the moon is awesome, but when it comes to our attitudes, we can't just hop on down to the local soup kitchen and start turning water into wine.
it has to start on the inside.
in our hearts.


what we are feeling on the inside, gives way to how we act on the outside. 
think of all the times you've been upset. 
or worse, had a broken heart. i'm willing to bet that you weren't feeling the warm fuzzys on the inside. 
our heart is the biggest indication of our actions.

God never promises that our life is going to be a piece of cake when we accept His Son into our lives. and honestly, i'm glad for that. i often look at people who portray that they've got it all going on and just have to roll my eyes. 
no one has it all together. 

but i think striving to be like the One who really did, is a really good start. 

it's monday. the start of the week. i'm swamped with school work, and work. but i'm really really going to try and crop this attitude of mine. 
join me?

i'm convinced that if we want to show the world Jesus we have to shut our mouths. 

have a wonderful monday!
all my love, 


taylorlsteele said...

I love this verse! I also love your blog and nominated you for the Liebster Award on mine today :)

Lauren Thompson said...

great post meg. even better reminder!

Alexis @ Christian WifeStyle said...

Great post and a great reminder!
Thank you. :)

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