Tuesday, February 14, 2012

true love

a couple of weeks ago my youth group had a chick chat and man cave sleep over...boys slept at the church, girls at the youth pastors house.
i was given the privilege of speaking to these young girls which i was over the moon excited about. and so i picked the one topic i never got talked to about, and really wish i had.


true love.

what it means, what it feels like. all the wonderful things that go along with true love.

as i was preparing a couple days before i kept having this thought pop into my head. i'd let it go, then it would come back. i realized quickly that it was God, making me a really solid point. and pretty much the only real point i needed to tell these girls.

you have to understand first, that my whole life i have been boy crazy. i've always been the girl with a boy friend. never just a single girl, always had someone to write: i {heart}  ____ on my hand.
high school came along and i had a couple serious boyfriends that lasted a little while, all of which i thought were "the one", and of course i couldn't have been more wrong.
after high school it was more of a flavor of the week kind of thing. guys older than me, guys younger, guys who were jerks, guys who didn't have jobs and i paid for everything. and my favorite were the ones from the past that just kept showing up unannounced.

and then, i gave up.

i had that talk with God at the time, although, i should point out that He and i weren't really close back then, about never dating again. sign me up to be a nun, i was done. a life alone would be better than a life with a guy.

and then came sonny.

and i was having none of him.

my family and friends loved him. why wouldn't they? on our first date he picked me up, came in to meet my parents, opened up the car door, and treated me like a princess.
something i was completely foreign to.

i think it's human nature to turn away from things we don't know when we're totally set in our ways.

which is what i did with sonny.

i remember talking to my mom a couple days before valentines day and she kept telling me how wonderful he was and to just give it a chance. *side note, i mean seriously, how are they always right?*
she told me to just let this happen, because he was the nicest guy i'd ever brought home.

without fail, i didn't listen.

i thought that i had made up my mind.

so the day before valentines day sonny and i met each other at a little park to break up with each other. it was mutual. i was being a mega brat with him since this whole 'nice guy' thing was new to me. and he was tired of being treated...well like crap.

to this day i don't have any idea what happened, maybe it was that smile of his, but God started a major work in our lives that day because we walked away hand in hand 'ready to give it a real shot'.

of course you know the story, two years later we said i do and here we are.

one of the most asked questions i get is, "how in the world can you get married so young?"


while sonny and i were dating my relationship with God went farther than i ever could have imagined.
i realized that it wasn't just going to church a couple days a week that it was a relationship. and just like sonny and i's relationship, it needed some work to grow.

and i finally realized that i had to love God more than anyone in my life, in order to really love some one back. 

God is LOVE.

i realized that i loved God more than sonny. and still do.
and that's really ok. because he's the same way.

and that is how you build a marriage.
loving God more than you love each other.

true love starts with God.
it starts with building a relationship, growing trust, and leaning on Him for everything.

i got married so young because i know it was Gods plan.

my heart leaps for sonny. he's pretty much the most amazing. but God...He get's my heart to flutter and skip beats.

who's your true love?

happy valentines day my loves! 


TefMarie said...

Happy Valentine's Day! That's such a sweet story and I'm so glad that God took you on that journey and gave you what you needed even when you didn't want it.

p.s. I love your new Header! :)

Laney Ellen said...

such a sweet story sweet girl :) So glad your found sonny. Dating scares me. and I know God wants me to keep my heart protected. It's so foreign to me and I'm not really ready at all. So I am try to be patient through this singleness :)

Rachel Larson said...

I'm only 20, but because of our situation, my boyfriend and I will be engaged sometime this year and be married when I am 22. It seems really young to most people, but he is also 3 years older than me, and most importantly, we put God number one in our lives. When you love God, you can then truly love one another! I loved this post and really appreciated it :) Thank you!!


Annie said...

I love this story. It's proof that God redeems what we think is too far past, too broken, too lost for Him to save. You thought you were ending your story with Sonny, and I bet God was laughing ironically in heaven that day, thinking that story was only just starting.

This also makes me think maybe I should start listening to my mom about you-know-who... & i really hope you remember who that is, haha, or this is going to be not only a cryptic comment but awkwardly so.

ms.composure said...

Stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show yous some blog luv! def enjoyed this post :)


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