Thursday, February 16, 2012

being thankful

i forget to thank God a lot.

not on purpose of course, but it happens.

i feel like all i've done lately is complain about how busy my life is...which it is. i go to school tuesday and thrusdays, work monday, wednesday, friday and saturday. which leaves sunday to do homework and spend time with family.

somehow i've fit in coffee dates and dinner dates with friends, skype dates with amazing girls late in the evening. but there's still one thing in my life not getting enough attention.

it's pretty much the most important part of my life.
the thing that made me.
that loves me more than anything.

i've ranted and raved about one thousand gifts by ann voskamp before, and if you haven't read it yet, you really are missing out.

the other day i was reading annie's post over on cara's blog and read that she had downloaded the one thousand gifts app.

the what app?
i'm kind of a app junkie...but i'm terrible at keeping up with them (if you play words with friends with me you'll be lucky if we finish a game because i forget about it).

but this one will be different.

"wherever you are, be fully there."-ann voskamp

the whole point is, slowing down to be more thankful for the things in life that we pass up so quickly.

the things that we do daily, but don't ever say thank you for.

because i truly believe that if we don't show enough appreciation, it could all be taken away tomorrow.

we have to start fully participating in life or we're going to miss it, and the first step is to be thankful.

for things like new friends, blue skies, long conversations, the internet, coffee, love, and everything in between.

so if you have an iphone, go get the app and join me.

happy thursday loves!

all my love, 

{doesn't it just look wonderful?}


Valerie Griffin said...

great post!

Rachel Larson said...

It's been a goal of mine these last few weeks to realize the numerous things that I should be thankful for. So, THANK YOU for this post :) {and I'm definitely looking into "One Thousand Gifts" :)

Cara said...

I love that we're becoming closer. You're such a sweet inspiration and encouragement. I'm SO glad we're friends. Love you Megan. Really. xoxo

Justina F. Lee said...

Thanks for telling us about one thousand gifts.

TefMarie said...

I am definitely going to have to check out this book. I love a good book! Have a fabulous weekend.

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