Sunday, January 29, 2012

just too busy.

do you ever just have those seasons of your life where you feel like God is that un-replied email just waiting for you in your inbox?

He's right there but you just haven't...had the time to answer.

cause if i can be so honest, that's where i'm at right now. He's there, just waiting for me, but i keep telling Him i'm too busy.

or worse, i don't even answer.

i've been reading having a mary heart in a martha world for a good month now and i'm not even half way through...i just haven't taken the time to read it.

it's about when Jesus visits mary and martha, but martha is super busy running around making sure everything is perfect because Jesus is there.
which is what every woman i know would be doing.
the Messiah is over for dinner. are the good dishes out? have i over cooked the meat? are the napkins folded nicely? did i light that candle to make the room smell nice?

"the living room intimacy mary enjoyed with Jesus will never come out of the busyness of marthas kitchen. busyness, by itself, breeds distraction. luke 10:38 shows us a woman with the gift of hospitality. martha opened her home to Jesus, but that doesn't automatically mean she opened her heart. in her eagerness to serve Jesus, she almost missed the opportunity to know Jesus. luke tells us that "martha was distracted by all the preparations that had to be made." key word: had. in marthas mind, nothing less than the best would do. she had to go all out for Jesus"

almost missed the opportunity.

i've been almost missing the opportunity a lot lately.

He's been at my house and i've been running around worried about getting school work done, or to meet this friend, or to call that person back.

lucky for me. grace comes into play here.

even though i've been terrible at being a Child of His, He forgives me and is still waiting here for me.

grace is a beautiful things.
i think it's that feeling you get when you're just surrounded by Him.

so i'm meeting Him today. blaring the worship musics, asking for forgivness for being so distant, and deciding that i'm not too busy for Him.

i want that mary heart. the heart that drops everything to be with her Savior. the heart that knows nothing is as important than Him.
i mean, i know i know that...but do i put it into practice.

and let me not leave out the little 'ugh' feeling i've had lately. you know, that missing feeling. the feeling that your heart is just screaming out: HEY IT'S JESUS THAT YOU NEED.

yea that feeling.

i'm relishing in the promise that God won't ever leave me.
no matter how far i go from Him.
no matter how long my list of to-dos gets.

God has made the way for us to spend time with Him, the ball is in our court.

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Candice said...

Yikes this hit a little too close to home! I definitely needed to have that reminder of the importance of prioritizing my time everyday with Him. It certainly makes such a difference, and life seems far easier to deal with when I'm giving him time and full control! Thanks for this!

LeAhnna said...

So beautiful! I also have a really hard time with this...I always feel like there are just too many things to do, and more often than not spending time with God gets pushed to the back burner. Thanks for the reminder of how important it is to prioritize Him!

life in a nutshell

Gennean said...

Get it, girl! Know I am praying for you and that intimate time that you need to spend with our Savior. Grace upon grace is ours... together let's praise God for His love and faithfulness to us!

Laney Ellen said...

same season going on for me here too. plus i have a hard time saying no to people but apparently an easy enough time saying "not now" to god. but I am yearning for some time alone to read and spend with him.

Erin said...

Wow! Thank you for this post! I have not been the best with this the past couple of weeks...I have had a lot going on (kinda like Martha!) and I have neglected some of my time with God. Thank you for this reminder!

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