Friday, November 4, 2011


hi loves,
i found this on ms marys blog and thought it was a really cute idea. and since i'm just sitting around right now waiting for the hubs to come rescue me (my car wouldn't start this morning) i figured, why the heck not. plus fridays are fun, and this is a fun post.

here's my week via instagram:

{monday i went trick or treating with the cutest minnie mouse around}

{i decorated for fall...this is it}

{i had my first bible study online! God is so amazing ya'll. look how cute annie and katie are while the three of us are...well who knows. i just love these girls!}

{chatted on aim like i was in 8th grade again}

{realized just how supportive my little sister is when i do something totally stupid}

{had a Popsicle because my throat hurts :(
but hey, what does a mallard use to fix everything?
give up?
DUCK tape! get it, mallards are tape}

{i got caught behind the duggard family wednesday after school}

{and another one?!? i find these things to be ridiculous. but always a good laugh}

{and this is my "pinterest" outfit. if i was cool enough i'd be on there.
scarf: charlotte russe
shirt: charlotte russe
jeans: forever 21 (holes yes, i fall a lot)
shoes: charming charlies
bracelet: john 3:16 on it a gift}

{these are my most favorite shoes}

happy friday!


Anonymous said...

love the photos. dislike that your car wouldn't start.

happy friday!

megs [at] Shine On

Kristi Thornton said...

Love the outfit! And the online bible study idea!

Ashley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Annie said...

you look SO cute! i love this whole post. you, mary, and beth looked cute too!

Kristen said...

What a fun way to document the week!

Love your outfit, too!

TefMarie said...

That's an adorable outfit. I have yet to go to charming charlie' I even American!?

I'm glad you have those ladies! That's something you'll always remember!

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