Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the amazing race

i love the amazing race. when my little sister and i lived together we used to watch it all the time talking about how one day we'll be on it...which we will be, look for us.
i haven't kept up very well this season, and i'm a few shows behind, but yesterday i finally got to the Bangkok one.

there's one team on the show made up of two pro surfer dudes who do nothing but praise God. seriously.

andy tommy
{tommy and andy}

in Bangkok they had disassemble a "spirit house" and then reassemble it in front of a Buddhist temple (Buddhism is the number one religion over in Bangkok). as they were standing in front of this temple both surfers made numerous comments about how they know who "the One true God is", and that the "bible is so clear when it talks about What God is right".

i was blown away. it wasn't just a couple comments about God, it was a full on conversation they were having about how Our God, is the True God and that all these gods that they were looking at weren't the true ones.

sometimes i get so shocked by someone on tv talking about God or being a Christan because it doesn't happen often.

{i desperately searched for a video but came up empty handed}

i'm currently in a bible study with some pretty amazing girls, and we're reading breaking free by beth moore.
and coincidentally enough, she talked about this guy named jotham {king uzziahs son} who became king after uzziah had died.

"jotham did what was right in the eyes of the Lord" 2 kings 15:35

except for one critical matter. he let his people worship every god under the sun. he let high temples be built in judah, all the while still having faith in the One true God.

beth says, "he refused to demand respect for the one and only God. so jotham serves as the poster boy for another path to captivity. to be free in Christ, our high places will have to fall. we must be willing to take a stand against idolatry." (pg 13)

it's crazy to me that people don't follow God...but what's even crazier to me is that there are people who choose to follow another "god".

even if you take a look in the christian church there are so many denominations that have made up idols (like mary for example...which is a different post for a different day). but they choose to lift up people other than God and Christ to worship and pray too.

it's sad but true.

as a Christ follower we have to realize that it isn't just other gods and people that goes along with idolatry. it's things, it's money, it's anything in this world that we hold up on a peddle stool to make high, and of the utmost important.

God is the utmost important in our lives. no one deserves to be held up like Christ does.

the two surfer dudes were a great start to what we need to be doing.

it's ok that you might, {gently} step on someones toes by telling them that there is only One God. do it in love. but it's something we have to start doing.

no one ever said being a Christ follower was going to be easy.

have a great tuesday!


Kelli Diane said...

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Annie said...

I agree, Meg. I think it's so hard to be gently confrontational about who our God is, what He sets before us, and what He wants us to do, but if we don't speak, who will?

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