Tuesday, October 4, 2011

day 4 {finding His peace}

Ephesians 4: 3
Make every effort to keep yourselves united in the Spirit, binding yourselves together with peace.

God sends us the Holy Spirit so we can live in peace.

i have a feeling it's because He knows that this life isn't going to be a cake walk. that's a great feeling.

there's so much that can go on in a Christ followers life that doesn't seem to be 'part of the plan'. those times when things just crumble and fall to the ground...but we need to be able to find peace in the Holy Spirit.

i think one of the best parts about God loving me so much is knowing how much on a day to day basis He's giving me to make it through the troubles of life.

thinking about that simple truth brings me peace.

right now, i'm thanking God that i'm just in the 'busy' stressed part of my life. i don't have anything major going on. but i'm praying for those of you who need Gods peace.

because it is a beautiful thing.

heavenly father right now we come before you with humble hearts. i know that there are some that might read this who are missing your Spirit and Your peace, give it to them God. they may be in dire need of peace from You because of something that happened, God show them that amazing peace. i'm praying God for you to lift up anyone in need. God do a work in their heart. remind them that You are all that matters.
thank You for Your never failing love and peace.

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challenge: rest contently in Gods peace.


♥ CheChe said...

I love the message of unity in the book of Ephesians. ch. 4:1 really is something we need to focus on as a body. I think that is the verse... "therefore I urge you..." that one right? ha ha I'm horrible.
blessings girl.
This 31 days is becoming a battle. I need prayer to stay strong and focused.


a girl with a smile said...

I needed this...to pause and soak His peace.

TefMarie said...

Peace is amazing once we find it in Him.

Megan said...

This is SO SO beautifully written and just what I needed today!!

Annie said...

i love the heartfelt prayers you write at the end of these posts. i just let this one soak into my soul, letting peace steal over my body instead of rushing off to go write my paper or read another blog or check twitter again. thank you for this, Megan. i just know God is using you mightily through this series!

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