Wednesday, October 19, 2011

day 19 {learn}

Ephesians 4: 20
But that's no life for you. You learned Christ! (MSG)

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if you haven’t read the last couple of blogs, just go quickly read over the verses that were up.

paul warns and tells us about the all the people living out of the Light.

and then he ends with this exclamation!

our lives should be different then those in the world. it’s a simple truth that at times is super hard realize at times.

because hey, if we’re being honest…their lives seem to be so easy sometimes.

but if we’re being equally as honest…I’d take being broke over rich any day, and I’d take knowing where I’ll be at the end of my life then thinking it’s all over after I breathe my last breath.

I love that this verse says that we learned Christ.

I’m in school right now, like most of you, and this made me think of all the learning I’m doing. and to be honest, how much I’m learning just to get through the test that’s coming up. it’s like I’m mastering using my short term memory.

but this isn’t how I want to be with God.

the knowledge that I have learned from God is a gift and one that I want to stick.

I’ve learned Christ.
and the life that I had before was no life for me!

challenge: learn Christ. spend some time with His, and ask Him for His knowledge that He’s waiting to give you!

God we know that in You we have learned that this life is far better than our life before You! God give us the knowledge that we need to do Your will! thank You for Your Son Jesus!

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TefMarie said...

love this reminder. I am so good at the short-term memory for passing class purposes. It's good to remember I want to learn Jesus for life.

Love this verse!

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