Tuesday, October 18, 2011

day 18 {shame}

Ephesians 4: 19
They have no sense of shame. They live for lustful pleasure and eagerly practice every kind of impurity.


paul really isn’t holding back here.

he’s making his point loud and clear.

is it just me but, when I read that verse I thought of tons of girls I’m friends with on facebook that only have pictures of themselves hovered over a toilet because of the ‘great night’ they had? (I’ve really been meaning to do a friends list clean up)

or the guy who has a beer in his hand in every picture and all his status updates are about how ‘freaking fun’ the weekend was…but he doesn’t use freaking.

no sense of shame.

the message says that they “can’t think straight anymore”.

it always made me laugh that in high school, when everyone else was hitting their ‘party peak’ (as I like to call it) I had already done mine years before and was (thankfully) above it all my junior and senior year. there were times when I was that girl hovering over the toilet in shame, with the tears streaming down my face because I was just to drunk.

it was shameful.

but some how, the pictures that may have surfaced always got a laugh.

and no matter how much I laughed back, that pit in my stomach still ached because of the shame.


pauls warning us here, not just describing those kinds of people to us.

because if we don’t remember Who we’re on this earth for, then we’re just like them.

I wrote a post about a month ago on dating, and some rules that I had come up with. maybe even taken as advice. the ones so that we wont lust after our significant other. the ones to avoid the practice of impurity. and this verse made me think of them again.

because even if we love the Lord, but are still finding ourselves in the pit of lust, something isn’t clicking.

and believe me friend, it’s taken a good while for me to have everything click up there.

at times it’s hard. but I’m finding that the more time I spend with God, the more happy I am, and the less room I leave for shame…or shameful acts.

challenge: maybe you’re not a partier, maybe you’re not sinning sexually…but there might be some shame in there. take a personal inventory and let God take care of it. give the burden to Him.

God I pray for those who might have shame right now for past, or even current actions. give them strength God. I pray that they take your courage and strength and give that hurt up to the One Who can make it all go away and patch up the missing piece. I thank You for Your Son Jesus.


Mary said...

I love this, Megan! Unfortunately, I was right there with ya. What disgusts me looking back now was hilarious and all the talk the next day back then. So glad that God rescued me from it all!

Kylee said...

i love how he doesn't try and sugar coat things! just says them how they are and how he sees them. i love your blog :) glad I found it by browsing! And i LOVE your anchor signature. Reminds me of being anchored in Christ :)

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