Wednesday, September 14, 2011

hello dear friend!

i have no idea where the last three weeks have gone. and i'm still not sure if i've actually grasped the idea that school has started.

BUT! i have the most excellent news to report to you all about big Sonny (father in law). he is home with a new healthy heart! the surgery went so beyond well! we're still praising God for such an amazing outcome. it still blows my mind to think that the doctor healed his broken heart (aww), medicine will always fascinate me. i wrote a blog over here about the faith it took us to get through those couple of weeks.

life lately has just been nonstop. so to fill you in, heres some pics from the good old iphone.

{hung out with my rockstar baby}

{lived in a hotel room in nc for a week...with FOOTBALL oreos}

{visited chapel hill (unc)}

{went to south of the border!}

{went to see BRAD PAISLEY for the 4th year in a row with my sissys}

{and got a letter in the mail from Belen yesterday!}

it's been crazy emotional but so much fun.
here's my day two of my photography challenge! what i wore:

{please forgive my total un-artistic approach to this picture}

shirt: victoria secret $5
shorts: american eagle $on sale
belt: i don't remember
like the peek into my kitchen?

i have been putting off taking this picture for days now because i wanted to do it outside with some cute background...blah blah blah, but thus my life lately that i just have the extra time. so here it is friends!

i hope your week is going well! it's almost the weekend which means it's almost time for more football! are any of you obsessed with football like i am?

{go buckeyes!}

{it's a family thing :] can you tell we were baking in the sun?}

i took it up a notch this year and joined three fantasy football leagues. any of you ladies do fantasy? currently in one league (all boys league) i'm beating the hubs...which is all that counts.

have a great weekend!


Christina said...

I have a fantasy team and I just beat my hubby, which means my season is a victory!

Memory(: said...

i am wayyyy into alabama football so it's roll tide for me! (:
happy to see somebody else posting about the fun football season! {}

Annie said...

ugh, buckeyes.

glad to hear the news about your father-in-law! we have those football oreos, too, although i haven't actually eaten any yet, haha. and that's a super cute picture of you in your kitchen! love the outfit.

Sarah said...

I'm so jealous you've gotten to see Brad so many times! I love him!!! :)

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