Friday, September 23, 2011

happy friday sweet things!

the hubby has been out of town the last couple of days so i am patiently awaiting his return! except that i have to go to class in an hour. no fun. and if it wasn't for that test, i'd most likely just hang out here today.

anyways, so it's evident that God is talking to me this week. He's been laying things on my heart left and right, and last night wasn't any different.
for the last three years in fall I've planned my thursday nights around greys anatomy. i started watching it with my sister a few years ago, caught up on all the seasons i had missed, and have never not seen an episode (seriously). so last night, after much waited anticipation, i grabbed my bowl of Cinnamon toast crunch and juice and sat down in front of the tv, and ignored the world for the next two hours.

only to be left in tears.

each year it's as if the producers get together and ask: how far is too far this year?
two seasons ago the finale was a gun man in the hospital, so incredibly intense. and then there was the wedding finale, and then the one where george died. but then there was this years premier.
the abortion one.

it's such an ugly word i hate even typing it.

greys anatomy is that show i watch that i shouldn't. and now i know why.
anyone else have a guilty pleasure? where you tell yourself 'i know it's wrong but i know whats right and whats wrong so i'm good'.
God let me know last night that it wasn't ok for me to be watching this show.

so there it was at the end of the episode, a woman given the greatest blessing on earth (the ability to be a mommy) and she decided that she'd rather be a doctor and focus in on her career.
i think the word selfish would just about sum it up.

it broke my heart.

i was baffled. and at a loss for words.

when did it become ok on prime time tv to have this kind of thing? when did society say that it was ok to advocate...murder?

i sat and prayed last night for a looooong time. i prayed that God would forgive us. forgive us for thinking that it would be ok to promote 'pro-choice' and forgive us for beings so incredibly selfish and throwing away life so easily.

needless to say, i've jumped off the greys band wagon and am running the opposite direction.

like i said before, God is doing work in my life right now and i'm so joyful over it, but He's literally breaking my heart for what breaks His in the mean time.

so here's my point in this rant: at what point are we Christ follower going to say enough? when are we all going to stand up and say this is not what God wants or desires us to do?

let's start with the simple things, like what we watch on tv, or what we listen too. maybe even the way we talk to people, and what we stand up for?

but most importantly, lets pray.
because this world is so broken and needs our prayers.
gosh this sounded like a debbie downer on a friday! but rejoice in your Savior!
be blessed!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely reminder! Thanks for sharing this.

Gennean said...

The topic of abortion breaks my heart, as well. I have had issues with television shows and movies that promote that (as well as other things, like premarital/non-meaningful sex) and have felt that conviction to run away as well. I applaud you for so clearly hearing God's voice and FOLLOWING after it!

lowercase letters said...

oh megan... i am feeling tears. this post is so thought provoking and SO needed in today's culture. thank you for standing up for this. i once wrote a letter in to the local newspaper on this topic. keep up your strong beliefs for what's right, it encourages me so much.
xo, mem

TefMarie said...

I, too, have felt alot of that lately. I realized that not only what I was watching or reading or listening to wasn't what God wanted me to take in, but I realized so much of it was so negative. And after taking in so much negative, I was becoming so negative about my own life, ignoring blessings that God had given me.

So excited for you even though it's hard. I've been there too, and it's not easy to go through. Prayers!

Leslie said...

A efw weeks ago my husband and I started watching "Mad Men". I absolutely LOVE vintage clothing and style so right away, I absolutely loved the show. But then they all started having affairs...and lying to their spouses... and more and more and MORE affairs to the point that almost everyone was sleeping with someone they weren't supposed to. Finally I said to my husband, "After we get through this season I don't want to watch anymore of this" and he agreed. Shows like that are just "chinks in the armor" I say and I don't want anything to subconsciously make me feel like affairs are ok. It was disappointing because I was loving the era of the show, but it just wasn't worth it.

Thanks for sharing this! I think it is such a challenge, one that we all should accept!

Annie said...

First of all, I'm glad Mary linked to this in her post today, otherwise I never would have seen it. Now I'm thinking angry thoughts at Google Reader.

I've had to think about this question myself, and it's part of the reason I stopped watching House. House can be incredibly clever with his snarky humor, but overall, he's cynical and unethical. And if that's not who I want to be, then why would I watch a show that centers around it?

I'm thinking, too, now, of the shows I still watch, and wondering if there are elements there that cause me more harm than good. Thank you bringing this up, Megan.

Valerie said...

Thanks for this wonderful reminder!

katilda said...

i love and appreciate this. i'm such a big believer that our actions needs to reflect our faith...and i think entertainment/media choices are often an area in which that gets glossed over. just because you're not doing certain things that are wrong, investing hours of your life in watching other people engaging in these behaviors doesn't seem to be quite right. thanks for sharing!

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