Thursday, July 28, 2011

tswift & melinda

there's no hiding it.

I love taylor swift. like love her. like, if you went to a concert I'd be standing there screaming along the words.


seriously girls...I can't wait. I might have just yelped a couple of times while just tying that sentence.


the one person I choose out of every one to go little sister melinda.

I hope you have a little sister.

because it's one of my biggest blessings.

melinda and I have been taylor fans since day one.
there really isn't a time when I can't remember not blaring tswift in the car with her.

so there I was today, driving home, blaring 'mean' when my eyes got all teared up.


I've always found it so amazing how music can bring back so many memories. it can seep right into your heart and mind, take hold of it, and let you sit there for those 3 minutes and allow you to reminisce about how amazing life is.

melinda and I spent many hours on the road. for two years we road back and forth to school together, over spring breaks we'd take off to visit aunt and uncles, spend the day in orlando shopping...and there was always one artist on that mix cd who never let us down: tswift.

as the years went on, we'd find those songs that would make us smile until it hurts because it was those 'love songs'. the songs that make your heart skip a beat thinking about who we were singing too.
and then there were the years where we'd scream 'you're just another picture to burn' with vengeance in our eyes.
and then the sad year when we cried to white horse.

she's been there for it all, that taylor swift.

it's not the music that I love so much, it's the memories I'll always have with melinda in that car with her music blaring too loud.

all because I don't get to do that anymore.

no, despite all my pleading, life kept moving forward. and so did we.
I got married.
she went away to college.
we got different cars.

as I was driving tonight I realized how blessed I am to have her. she isn't just my little sister, but my best friend. someone I don't have to worry about taking a million pictures with in high school and never talking to again. she'll always be there to take pictures and sing with.

sure things are a little different but when she's home, and mom needs something from publix before dinner, we still get that 3 minute car ride. just enough to make more memories.

so taylor's been a long time coming girl friend but WE WILL SEE YOU SOON!


Christina said...

my little sister and I will also be loving the t-swizzle concert in Nov here in NC. We love blaring Taylor in the car together! Ah, such sweet memories.

vintch said...

taylor is indeed fabulous! a couple of my co-workers went to her show in greensboro and said it was one of the best shows they've ever seen. the lights! the costumes! the performance! add to that the fact that she writes all her own songs? genius.

Rachael Lamb said...

i love tay tay too! i never get sick of her songs!

katielizabethawkes said...

ok my roomie and i bought our tix the DAY they were available and taped them to the wall over our bedroom door. We stare at it every night. yesssss.

Anonymous said...

I am OBSESSED with Taylor Swift. I have yet to go to a concert of hers though. One day! It's true how music can evoke all different kinds of emotions you didn't know you had!

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