Saturday, July 30, 2011

Her Story: Delaney

Happy Saturday...night!
I went into work at 11am this morning, and it's 9pm and I just got home. my body is hates me, but my wallet seems to be pretty happy.

my weekend is just about done. where did it go? who knows. maybe somewhere with the whole month of july...because it's AUGUST next week {inset puzzled look here}.


this week I have the beautiful ms delaney (does this make anyone else think of jacks mannequin too...wonder how many times she's heard that one :]) from living by faith. she's a great girl, with a ton of passion for the Lord that seeps through her amazing writing. I am so blessed to have met such an awesome girl! her story is beautiful, and written so well. please read it then hop on over to her blog! make sure to follow her because she shares so much about God!

thanks delaney for being a part of her stories!

My Story:
So this is where I get lost. 
How do you sum up where you were and who you are now in so many words?
How can I even possibly begin to explain how much you changed  my life?
Isn't it a little bit "crazy" to see how things have progressed?
But don't get me wrong, it was all you. And I know that Lord. 
Lord, How am I going to tell these blog friends of mine just how awful I was, how awful I am?
Do I swallow my pride and confess the wickedness of my heart?
Do I remember to tell them just how big your blanket of grace is for my sin?
Please be with me as I try to convey just how lovely you have made my life. Please encourage me to pour out love because that is what I want people to see. Your love. I want people to fall down on their knees and praise you. I want them to love you, because you first loved them, like you first loved me.

It wasn't that I was a crazy rebel child. Because I wasn't. But I was deceitful and accepted the character of my heart. I was encouraged and I was a "good person". By what merit I have no clue but I was fine with the life I lived. 

I thought horrible things about people. Still do. 
I was lustful. Still am. 
I was prideful. That's me. 
I was arrogant. Uh-oh.
I was lost. I am SAVED.
I was guilty. I have been washed Clean.
I didn't know him. I am a believer in Jesus Christ. 

While the sin still runs in my flesh the spirit pulls me towards God. I often find myself recognizing and hating my sin, but the very nature of my flesh reminds me not to be shocked by it. Because God is good. Only God is good. And without him I am really nothing to boast about. 

It wasn't that I needed some huge intervention or life saving miracle. I probably would have gone on with life being very successful by our worlds standards. Had a good job, a good relationship, good nice expensive things, but a terribly broken, lost, and wandering soul. I was headed for an eternity without my loving father because of my ignorance about his love and sacrifice for me. It is that simple. But now I have the ultimate love relationship. I have reconciled with my king and Savior and when I am quite honest with myself it is the only thing that matters. 
It was like opening your eyes and suddenly seeing everything you had ever been missing. The pains seemed to no longer matter. I didn't have to have explanations for why I had experienced trials or pain in the past, because it didn't matter to me. You loved me and that made everything perfect. You held me and that made everything wonderful. I didn't have to fit in or be the thinnest of girls because you thought I was beautiful and you adored me. You put time into creating me.  I love you Lord.

God, Do you think they can see it? Just how special and beautiful you are to me. You know more than anyone that I am not always the best daughter. Sometimes I spend close to no time acknowledging you. Sometimes my heart doubts you. But in the end, you always love me. In the end, you are my saving grace. 

If you want to stop by my blog, please come say hi! And introduce yourself, because I can't wait to meet you. I wanted to say a special thanks to Megan for giving me the opportunity to share a little bit about my journey and life after Christ! She is a special lady isn't she? I don't know about you, but I am always encouraged by her and her love of God. 

Thanks for wonderful opportunity Megan!

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♥ CheChe said...

i loved this girl! Way to point towards Christ in all you wrote :)...


Emily said...

this is beautiful! The Lord is so faithful. Thanks for sharing, Delaney!

Melissa (i swim for oceans) said...

What a beautiful story...such a passion for our Heavenly Father :)

a girl with a smile said...

Smiling because of this! thanks for sharing, encouraging, inspiring.

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