Monday, May 23, 2011

who's your woody?

Why is it that the older we get, the more difficult it is to keep friendships?
And when are we all going to sit down and watch Toy Story again and freshen up on those lessons?

I'm by no means a 'grown up' but if there's one thing I have learned growing up, it's that when it comes to friendship, it's quality over quantity.

Sure in middle school to be the cool kid you needed to have 20 friends you always saw at school...but now as a grown up, you just need those very few that will drop everything their doing to be by your side.

Those other people, are called 'accuaintences'.
And it's great to have those...but it's even greater to have a couple best friends.

But what makes a 'best friend'?

I'm no doctor or professional, but this is my official list of:

5 ways to be a great friend:
1) always call back with in 1 day (unless it's finals week)
2) don't ever forget a birthday
3) never go a week with out seeing each other (unless you live in different cites)
4) always be honest and trustworthy
5) don't ever become 'too busy' for a friend

We might play phone tag for a week, but we'll talk at some point, and I might not get that card there on time, but you'll get the birthday call. If you live near me, you'll see me often because I love your hugs. I can't say that there's anything more important than honesty, even if it hurts at times. I need the truth: and so do you. And the last one...well that might be my biggest right now. Life is busy yes, but if we can't make time for the people that love us, what do we have left?

Do you have certain things you up hold with friends?

Don't ever think you shouldn't have standards with friends, because they have them for you.
People come and go in and out of our lives, some stay and become the very few that we'll call 'friends for life', others might be 'best friends for now'.
It's unfortunately, but something I've had to come to grips with lately.

Not every person we go to lunch with will turn into a best friend.
Friends are far and few. But God will place certain people in our lives that will be there for us through the thickest and the thinnest. The ones who laugh with us till we cry, the ones who are our shoulder to lean on, the ones we can't imagine not having by our side.
I've learned lately that great friendships shouldn't take a lot of work, they shouldn't exhaust you.
It shouldn't be a battle to know them. There shouldn't ever be a questioning of their honesty. A great friendship, one that will last our lifetime, will come easy.

I've got really great friends. Some I've had for my whole life, and some that I'm just now making.
I've got to always remember that creating a life lasting friendship is what's most important.

To my best friends: I don't know where I'd be without you. You're the best.

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