Monday, May 23, 2011

my life

Hi beautiful! My week some how slipped away from me!
I can't tell you how excited I am about my giveaway (go here to enter)! You all truly bless me and I can't wait to mail that book off to a lucky reader!

Day 29: Write about "a day in the life of me" (pictures!)

So here it weekend in pictures.

Saturday I witnessed God in all His glory as my parents got baptized.

I can't really put into words how awesome it was. We grew up a 'church family', but none of us really started a walk with Christ until the last 5 years...and actually, my dad got saved last year, around this time. It has been such a blessing watching them grow in Christ together.

I then got to spend my afternoon with Reagan...(ps, all the pictures to follow are iPhone pictures)

we played with a giant monkey.

and then went to the mall!

and then I introduced her to Spongebob.

That night, Sonny and I met his friends out for dinner, along with my big sister Amanda (right) and then our little sister Melinda (left), surprised us both and came home for the weekend!

Today, I spent my afternoon lounging by my parents pool with my family.

(and laughing at my dad for putting that ridiculous hat on :])

I fed my dog ice's called Frosty Paws, and it's indeed ice cream made for dogs.

then, I put the top down and blared country music on my way home.

watching the sunset, and thanking God for yet another, amazing weekend.

So that's my life. I was fortunate to have the weekend off, so no pictures of me in my ninja outfit (I have to wear all black). I also start all my mornings out with coffee incase you were wondering.
But the biggest part of it all is that I'm one blessed girl :)

off to bed, tomorrow is every ones favorite day of the week: Monday.

sleep tight!


SavedthruLove said...

haha. Monday is my favorite day because it is usually a day OFF of work for me and tomorrow just so happens to be a day off. yippee! I love this day in the life thing you did. So precious. And you and your sisters are quite gorgeous if I do say so myself :).


blessing deary!

DaisyGirl said...

That's GREAT about your parents. What a blessing to get to witness such a day.

The Soul Anchor said...

What an absolutely fantastic weekend! I'm hoping to be baptized in August, when my church holds the next date.

Anonymous said...

Dear Meg,

I love the photos and I see through your sharing how God's presence in all your lives --yours and your family's--is so real.

I am getting to know Him in new ways. He was represented to me in such distorted ways by my biological parents, but now with my true loving parents, the Koenens, I am getting to know and experience Him truly!

I am so glad you had a wonderful weekend!
I hope you will have a blessed week.



vintch said...

such a gorgeous post. so happy to find you through Anna (above!) the love you have for not only your family, but for your Heavenly Father is such a beautiful inspiration. to be yoked together with such spiritual souls is beyond a blessing. have a beautiful week, new friend:)

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