Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Help a sister out

Hi friends,
So we've all seen the adorable blogs out there...and we all wonder: did they do that? Or did someone else?

I need a new look for this blog. But I have no idea where to find the help I need. So if you, or if you know anyone who can help, let me know :)

I'm praying that you're having a wonderful day! I got to babysit Reagan today...which of course means my day was fabulous. Because how can you not when you get to hang out with this one:

The hubby and I are venturing off to a professional golf tournament tomorrow! I get to see Tiger Woods play golf! Which, if you forget about him, and just focus on the golf part, it's pretty exciting.

I'm so excited to do the vlog, and have had a couple questions come in already! I'm so blessed by you girls! Please send me any questions you have about me, or this crazy life I lead :)
Looking forward to hearing from you! (



Emily said...

hey girlfriend! I love It's pretty self explanatory and they have pretty cute stuff!! :) Hope youre doing splendid! Have an awesome time at the course!

Christina said...;,, and to change your fonts there is a great tutorial here

good luck!

Annie said...

i am really excited that i saw this post because i recently started designing blogs! my URL is and i design for free {although i do request compensation for any design elements you want that would require purchase}. i would love to help you out with anything you'd like, so please feel free to take a look at my site!

Anonymous said...

Hey girlfriend... You know me! i do blog designing, and I'd totally do it for you free because your so amazing! But by the looks of things around here... why? It looks so awesome here! You've got some definite skills of your own! I'm totally lovin' it right now (But I always do, so...)!

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