Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What makes you happy?

Hi lovelys,
So Day 17 says: write about 3 things that make you happy.

Really? Just three?

Is that even possible to narrow down all the things that make me happy to just three? I can't, I just couldn't narrow it down.
I first want to ask...what makes you happy? Leave me a comment, long or short. Give me 1 thing or 10.

happy: hap-ee
       delighted, pleased or glad

-my husband
-my mom
-my dad
-coffee in the morning
-the beach
-reading scripture
-memorizing scripture
-making people laugh
-reading encouraging emails
-reeses cups
-sending encouraging emails
-best friends
-encouraging phone calls
-getting a new pair of shoes
-christmas decorations
-watching the sun rise
-watching the sun set
-getting a hug
-reading new books
-going to lunch with friends
-straightened hair
-wonderful comments on my blogs
-taking pictures
-new clothes
-flip flops
-letters in the mail

breathe. 365
be blessed!


Jennifer said...

-reeses cups
-christmas decorations
-my husband
-letters in the mail

Yes, yes, yes, yes!!!!

I could agree with most of these. :) Especially the reeses cups!

Angele said...

- jesus
- legion of mary
- little kids
- my family
- my friends
- baking
- sweets :)
- my church
- fallowers

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