Monday, April 18, 2011

I am Beautiful Project

I came across a blog the other day with the most wonderful idea, it's called the I AM BEAUTIFUL Project.

Pretty self explanatory. And so inspirational.

Jill Samter is an amazing photographer who has come up with the Project. She was pushed to start this project when she had read stories of women and young girls un happy with the way they looked; she was heart broken and wanted started on a mission to let every one know that they are Wonderfully, Perfectly, and Fearfully created by God.

So I jumped on board immediately.

It's really simple: make a sign saying 'I AM BEAUTIFUL' and take a picture. Here's mine:

I can't express enough how much I love this project.

I am beautiful, because I was created by God who made me perfectly. 
And you were too.
I've got split ends, and don't usually know how to put make up on.
I've got a great smile, and a crooked tooth that you can't see.
God hand crafted my really round nose.
I love my brown eyes.
I've got a round face, and it's beautiful.
God has blessed me, so I'm happy.

Beloved, I am praying that YOU know how beautiful you are! Gorgeous! Stunning!
Would you join me on this project? Spread the word. Take a picture, and make sure to link up with Jills blog. 

two posts in one day! :) lucky you


DaisyGirl said...

Really neat! And something that girls of all ages (8 to 80) need to remember...and be reminded of. This world is so hard, it's easy to slip into the negative way of thinking that is pushed on us. It hurts me to see all of the stuff in the media and world that girls are trying to compare themselves to and achieve.

Sydney said...

LOVE this idea! A wonderful reminder and confidence boost to all the beautiful girls out there! And what can I say, Meg... Your GORGEOUS!

Jennifer Rod said...

what a great idea! you look amazing and indeed we can see that you are BEAUTIFUL!

Melissa said...

You are BEAUTIFUL!! thank you for stepping out and sharing these shots of beautiful you!

God Bless you!

Jill Samter Photography said...

You are BEAUTIFUL! I love this post! So thankful you joined in! Praising God for your heart so full of HIS LOVE!


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