Monday, April 18, 2011

A cow coffee cup

Why can't every day be Sunday? I mean really.
Went to church, then spent the day at the beach with my mom, is there really a better way to spend a day?
And let's not forget about the Celebrity Apprentice.

Day 19: Write about your favorite comfort food.

Say it with me girl friends: C H O C O L A T  E.
Quite simple really. Any form will do. In a cookie, or a brownie, or even a cupcake. A regular cake, a piece of candy, it melting out of a lava get my drift.
It was love at first taste, and now I can't get enough of it. I blame my mother.
I've found now, that it has to be in the house at all times. Currently we have Easter candy floating around.

And a close second would be: coffee.

breathe. 365
yes. that's a cow cup.
available for purchase at your local Pier 1 store.

The sun is shining, so it's going to be a beautiful day! Even though no matter how hard I try, I always have a case of the Mondays, even when I'm not at work. But days off just lead to a big long to do list.

I'm praying for more lovely followers because I'm joining the band wagon of give aways!! I'm aiming for 25 followers, so go tell a friend about my blog. I can't tell you yet what the give away is...mostly since I'm not even sure what it is. But spread the word :). Praying for you today!

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Lauren Nicole said...

I love you best <3 you're so talented it's obscene. You bless my life!

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