Thursday, March 3, 2011

Peace and Quiet

I think I forgot what quiet was.
For the last year, my life has just been this over dose of busy. Babies being born, going to a new college, planning a wedding..I'm exhausted just thinking about how much I did last year!

The last month has been a nothing but blissful peace and quiet. I finally have some time to sit down and let my brain think.

Isn't life crazy like that though. One year, you'll sit on your butt and the next is a whirlwind of event, and the most exciting nonetheless.
I should add that, that baby being born is the best, I love my new college, and although it was tough at times, planning my wedding with my mom was nothing shy of amazing.
But boy am I glad to hear the cars go by...and really actually hear them go by.

I'm praying that this year won't be about me too much. I'm focusing so much more on family and friends. About the utmost of important things in life.

Being a wife has opened my eyes to things I had never realized. I like to think my level of maturity has gone up a bit. I love to clean, something my mother thought I was allergic to. And I enjoy doing the laundry. I'm still waiting on that whole 'I love to cook' thing to kick in, maybe next year.
I'm loving this little life of mine right now, and just wanted to share.

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